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A brief stint on the pavement to connect the goods of our dirt/gravel adventures.


The last week of October we played host & guide to our stand our dealer from Mill Valley, California, STUDIO VELO.  This shop is nestled in the small town north of the bay and has quickly risen to the top due to their passion for Moots and offering their customers an experience that cannot be beat. Did I mention they also ride a crap ton?

Yes, they practice what they preach. Not only do they sell nothing but top quality products, they also are provide riding camps that span two continents. They also offer route info on their website if you are coming to the area and want to ride without wandering around too much.


ROUTTS lined out at the Clark store.  Day 4 we stopped and had a mid-ride cheeseburger…..don’t miss it if you come to Steamboat.

This past summer they wanted to bring this group to the Moots-Ranch Rally that was in June, but had to move it to a later date.  That later date landed them well into October which can be really risky weather around here.  You could have 50-70 degree days, or you could have a foot of snow….really depends on the year.  As mother nature would have it, they got to experience Steamboat in late fall with dry and warm conditions. The road surfaces could not have been any better.


Scott of Studio Velo pauses as we regroup at the top of the climb behind Steamboat Lake.  We typically do this loop as a summer solstice ride on the Tuesday closest to the 21st…..This is the latest in the year I’ve ever done it!

The group consited of 5 customers of the shop, 3 Studio Velo staff with 2-4 Moots staffers guiding them around the dirt roads of Routt County.  One of the prerequisites was that each day they wanted to finish at a brewery to have a few and recount the days ride.  We were more than happy to oblige……


Tom works through a muddy section of the loop.

Sharing your local ride routes with other riders is a blast no matter where you might live.  To watch there faces and hear them use descriptors to talk about the rides you do on a regular basis is pretty rewarding.  This group really dug in and maximized their time here.


During the 4 days of riding we covered mostly dirt roads, some very smooth, to some that had heavier gravel on them and some that had a bit of mud. Mostly they rode the ROUTT line of bikes with 33-38 millimeter tires, with pressures from 30-45psi. Having the larger tire and lower pressures really makes the long days on dirt more comfortable and having everyone on the Routt line made it possible to alter the routes as we went.   unspecified-6

The New Routt RSL in the wild.


Brewery finish.


Each day we provided a couple of staffers that would serve as route guides.  This proved to be instrumental in a smooth week, knowledgable guides means no wrong turns, less hunting and more riding.  This also meant to were able to spend quality time with them to learn about each rider, what they do for a living and how they like to spend their riding time.  Most had ridden gravel, some this was their first.


Dusty (from the miter shop) lives very close to the south point of day 2. He went the extra mile the day before and placed a secret stash of COORS original at the top of the high point…..when in Colorado.  unspecified-8

A VIP tour of the Moots facility on day 4.


The ring leader of the band of happy riders.  Studio Velo owner Scott Penzarella (riding his new ROUTT) can dish it out.  Location:  Upper Deep Creek, which is part of the Ranch Rally Loop.  Day 4.


Wall of titanium tubes.


Headed South.  County Road 29 has been known to break wheels, break bones and break the occasional heart. This crew handled it with style.  Coors for all at the top!


Deep reflections.  One of the campers had an amazing eye for photos during the trip.


Arrival day shake down ride.  Off the plane from sea level to 7,000 feet and onto a bike.  Impressive.


Day 4 brought a bit of mud and having the extra clearance of the Routt made a big difference for all. Braaaaaap……


Hay, it’s a long winter in Steamboat, you better be stocked up.


 Day 4–Riding in North Routt, on ROUTTS. Hans Peak just coming out of the clouds.  Nate Bradely (Moots Production Manager) rolls with Chris from Studio Velo.  Chris got to log almost 300 miles on the new ROUTT RSL.  I think he’s hooked.


Day 4 and the final day of camp.  The weather gods caught up to us and gave us a wet/muddy final day.  No one complained and re rallied out a 75 mile day.


Full house.  ROUTT’S ready to roll.


ROUTT RSL WITH Sram Etap/Hydro.


Topped out above Steamboat Lake in North Routt…..such a great group.

FINAL TALLY (over 4 days)

Miles ridden: 280 (250 was gravel/dirt)

Feet climbed: 15,000

Breweries visited: 3

Good times for all…..


The brewery finishes made for some great story telling!

Cheers to the Studio Velo crew!

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