How Do You Ride?

Performance, Endurance & Adventure/Cross are categories that start to tell the story. Look more deeply and you will find a spectrum of designs for every type of drop bar riding. Each design has been thoroughly tested on race circuits, roads, dirt—and the taped off courses around Colorado, and around the world. Splitting hairs, that’s what we do; we tune the design to be just right. Each one of our frames is built from our handcrafted tubesets, created with hardware from the best titanium producers in the US—and worldwide.


Fast, light and responsive are the common descriptors everyone uses for this category of bike designs. At Moots it doesn’t stop there. Comfortable, durable, predictable and beautiful are just as important to our team of designers and craftspeople. Dig deeper and you will find our entire process is focused to this end.


Three hours into a ride how do you feel? With our Endurance designs we ask that question frequently. Does my back hurt, my neck, my ass? Are my hands numb? Titanium is a wonderful material for building comfortable bikes that are lightweight and resilient. Our Endurance bikes are designed to fit real people for real rides, using tube designs which balance lightweight, comfort and durability.


As more citizens move back into urban areas the need for well thought out vehicle is a must. Urban + Commute cycling can come in many forms.One is your 30 minute pedal to work along city surface streets or dedicated bike lanes with a modern day version of the briefcase slung over your shoulder. The other version can be hitting the streets on a weekend before the city wakes up. Either way we have the one bike that can take you there in one smart package: The HIGHLINE.

The HIGHLINE is purpose built for those that are commited to commuting or exploring the cityscape by bike


Moots has been part of the cross race scene since the Psychlo-X’s introduction in 1995. This is not a trend we just started following in 2016, this is what we do, race cross and build bikes for racing. Over the last 20 years we have constantly improved and modernized to bring you what we have today. Psychlo X RSL, the highest performing best handling, most durable cross bike available today.


“The road less traveled”, never mind that, the roads barely traveled, that’s where you want to go. Once again our testing grounds are out our back door. Northwest Colorado has beautiful county roads that lead to forest service roads crisscrossing hundreds of miles. Designed with stability, tire clearance and the lightweight durability only titanium can provide, the Routt line is made for gravel road adventure of all kinds.


Rigid views of road and mountain bikes have been in place for a long time, but an evolution of sub-disciplines has led more purpose built bikes to market and broadened the view of what biking can be. A recent example is the explosion of “gravel” bikes like the Moots Routt 45, gaining broad appeal thanks to events like Dirty Kanza along with forward thinking bike shops like CyclePathPDX and North Central. The Baxter is a bike built for maximum versatility, for adventure that knows no bounds, and for the sole purpose of riding everywhere without limitations.


Speed matters; uphill, through twisty singletrack and down fast steep descents. Performance in design is measured by all of these. Our experience building and riding and racing high performing mountain bikes since the ‘80’s has lead us to today’s bikes, great climbers, precise handling, comfortable and durable speed machines.


Since 1991 we have produced a softail design which fits perfectly in this category we call the YBB (Why Be Beat). While our Titanium hardtails have a supple ride, the YBB takes it to whole other level of long haul comfort. Whether you are out for a few hours, days or weeks, these designs will ease the pain of long hours in the saddle with fabulous performance and lifetime durability.


With such a broad descriptor, what are we talking about? We first started making frames around fat tires, I mean really fat tires, in 2005 and we haven’t looked back. Pick a place you want to ride, chose a tire size and let us do our work.

  chip seal
  rough pavement
  city streets
  cross race
  gravel race

Pure road performance—Stiff and light- tight handling-fast acceleration—smooth, balanced ride—titanium durability

Endurance fit, road performance riding, flat mount disc mount, fastback seat stays, 30mm tire clearance
comfortable, predictable handling, fun

Pure road performance, Stiff and light, tight handling, fast acceleration, smooth, balanced ride, titanium durability

Pure gravel performance-NEW 40mm tire clearance-Stiff and light-The ROUTT RSL is the ultimate gravel bike and mixed surface machine

Gravel and dirt, 45mm tire clearance, 3D printed flat mount brake mount, adventure riding, longer touring, bike packing

YBB micro-suspension for gravel, 45mm tire capacity, three water bottle locations, hidden fender eyelets

Pure Cyclocross performance— quick handling — pinpoint geometry —
balanced under pedal and on shoulder — the bomb proof ride of Ti

Deep gravel, two-track and Tour Divide single track adventurer.

Single-track speedster— quick, light and tight handling
great climber — solid and durable

Plus sized 2.8” tires for ultimate versatility and fun, 120mm fork travel, made to grip and rip, up and down the trail

Simplicity, balanced handling, and longterm durability is what separates the MOUNTAINEER YBB from other bikes in its class.

Uniquely MOOTS - Handbuilt by cyclists

We’ve been building high-performance bike frames since 1981. Each is meticulously fashioned out of premium US-made titanium tubing, allowing us to design every bike to the specific needs of the frame style and individual rider.

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