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The answer to explore more.

No mess / No fuss

Incredible range at 35lbs

Designed, tested, and assembled in Steamboat Springs

The Bottom Line:

Power / Range / Capable: these three key features are all rolled into one sleek package ready to be set loose on any gravel road you find.


The latest extension into the industry leading Moots gravel lineup, the Express Flat Bar takes inspiration from the Routt and Baxter. The Express now goes to another level with power assist and extended range.


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Electric Bike Journal Review the Express: MOOTS EXPRESS VIDEO

Have the wind at your back in every direction. On your Moots Express electric gravel bike, you can level out the biggest hills, squeeze twenty miles into a limited window of daylight, and turn the most daunting rides into adventures you enjoy. Put a smile on your face, put the power in your legs, and set off to discover more by bike. Let the Express be the answer to explore more.

Product Details

We have taken our deep history in gravel bike development and brought forward a capable and powerful class-3 ebike. The heart of the Express hinges around the Shimano EP801 drive unit, which has the ability to assist all the way up to 28mph.  Fully loaded, the Express has integrated fender mounts, two bottle mounts in the front triangle (one being a three-pack variant), and a pair of three-pack mounts on the fork. The battery can be charged within the frame via the convenient charging door on the seat tube, or easily removed from the down tube through the single-bolt battery access door. We tried to think of it all, keep it clean in the process, and make the user experience intuitive along the way.

Express FAQ'S

Manufacturing & Design

We are hardcore cyclists who believe that ebike technology—like all bike innovations—only expands the number of ways to enjoy riding and opens up the hobby to a wider audience. We have seen from our side of the industry that more people have begun riding bikes since the introduction of pedal assist technology. As pioneers and industry leaders in the gravel bike space, we knew we could make a top tier performance gravel ebike for people of all abilities to enjoy. Our mission was simple: create a gravel ebike that complements our current gravel family and allows more users to experience the joy of riding on low traffic roads and exploring new terrain. We spent over two years designing and engineering our ideal eGravel bike, and we have been riding prototypes and test models of the Express since the fourth quarter of 2022. At last, we are ready to share the result of our labors with the existing Moots family along with many new and future Moots customers.

Simply put, titanium is not the right material for a high-performance ebike. Over the years of working with titanium, we have learned a number of things about where and how to use the material, and when we designed the Express, we initially set out to make a Ti ebike. We spent a lot of time investigating what it would take to pull it off only to reach the same conclusion each time: the amount of material needed to secure a large battery and powerful drive unit while maintaining a stable and robust frame negates the feature benefits of the Ti tubing. In short, to make the Express safe to ride, we would need to use so much titanium in certain spots on the frame that the legendary ride quality characteristics of Ti would be lost.

Speaking in a similar manner as we use to talk about our other bike frames, the Express takes shape in a monocoque construction. The Express’s frame is manufactured via a process known as EPS (expanded polystyrene) molding. This process creates an inner mold that expands under heat to apply pressure to the prepreg carbon to have the carbon exactly match the shape of the outer mold. This creates a tighter compaction of the prepreg carbon layers, ultimately leaving us with a frame that is free of any cavities or irregularities. Eliminating any variance is the key to strength and durability within a composite frame. We have engineered strength in reinforced areas around the drive unit mount and other critical junctions within the frame to handle the torque output from the drive unit and the robustness needed for components like the battery. With that being said, the dropped seatstays, longer exposed seat post, and directional layup (reinforced where needed and reduced where comfort can be added) were all design decisions made early on to create comfort for the rider. Our geometry and components spec on this frame was selected to give the rider an upright riding position that would be more sustainable for extended rides while also allowing greater control of the bike. By designing the Express’s frame out of a composite material, we were to create stiffness and alignment where needed while ensuring that the layup and design prioritize the rider’s comfort.

This is a two-part answer: The Express is designed, engineered, tested, and assembled here in Steamboat Springs, CO by the same team that has sweated over the details of every Moots that has left the factory over the past four decades. The juicy part of the answer is that our composite components—the frame, fork, handlebar, stem, and seatpost—are manufactured by two long-term partners based out of Asia. We have produced Moots-branded components with these partners for over ten years now and we’re proud to have them execute the manufacturing of our designs, especially the new Express frame.

We’ll break that down into three key things: Range, Reliability, and Capability. 

Throughout our early test rides, we managed to get over 100 miles without just being on battery sipping eco mode. Our goal was to try and mitigate any range anxiety for the user when they set out and turn down a new road that is a little longer than expected. Our Shimano 504Wh battery is class leading and does not weigh the bike down. A ride ready medium comes in right at 33lbs. 

We made decisions with the design and the component selection that should also put the owners mind at ease. Selecting a full end-to-end Shimano system ensures that the bike will remain serviceable and parts will be available for many years to come. We built a large amount of tire clearance into the frame and ensured that components that need to be accessible are easy to reach while others remains hidden and protected. For example, the system can be charged via a small access door on the seat tube. If the battery ever needs to be removed for any reason the battery access door on the downtube opens with one bolt and the battery can be removed with a quarter turn of the battery release retention key. We also hid all wiring and brake hoses inside of the frame so there is not a gangly spider web of wires everywhere to get caught on the next thing that you pass by. 

The Express gravel bike is not limited to smooth dirt roads and pavement—no, we wanted the 4×4 capable chassis to feel as at home on backcountry two track as it does cruising the bike path out of town. With large rubber standard in the stock trim and a gear range that will let you pedal up the steepest terrain while allowing you to push up to 28mph, we think we have created the ultimate adventure-ready gravel ebike. Along with the drivetrain, the frame has a number of small features like fender mounts, three pack bottle mounts, low standover heights, and relaxed riding position to make the bike an easy platform to modify to your unique riding needs.

Like the Express, our Routt series bikes are all optimized for gravel, but they differ in that they lack the pedal assist and feature our signature Ti frame. Our Routt ESC has similar geometry and offroad/adventure capabilities: check it out here. Our Routt 45 is an excellent option for anyone looking to do it all, from daily dirt laps to the one gravel event on the calendar for the year, all the way out to some weekend warrior bike packing. Check out the Routt 45 here and, if you’re interested in a softail version, check out the Routt YBB here.

Performance & Specs


  • Four sizes S, M, L, and XL
  • All sizes have two water bottle mounts in the front triangle with the downtube mount being a 3 pack variant
  • Each fork leg has 3 pack mounts
  • Fender mounts front and rear
  • Clearance for a 29×2.1 tire
  • Suspension corrected for use with longer travel gravel suspension forks
  • Removable battery via battery access panel
  • Charging port in frame


  • Shimano EP801 drive unit – class 3 (28mph pedal assist)
  • Shimano 504wH battery
  • Shimano XT Linkglide 11 speed drivetrain
    • Linkglide is the ebike specific grouppo that allows the two features of Autoshift and Freeshift to function
    • The cassette is a full steel construction that can be shifted under full load without damage.
    • The chain and derailleur are a part of the linkglide system as well
  • Shimano 47T front chainring @ 53mm chainline
  • Shimano XT 170mm crank arms
  • Shimano 11/50 11 speed rear cassette
  • Shimano Ultegra R8170 shifters and flat mount brakes – 160mm rotor rear and 180mm rotor front
  • Shimano EN600 display
  • Shimano SW310 on/off and control switch
  • Shimano GRX RX-870 carbon wheelset. 25mm internal @ 1461g
  • Panaracer GravelKing SK + 50c tubeless tires
  • Moots MOD internal routed handlebar
  • Moots MOD internal routed stem
  • Moots MOD 31.6 seatpost
  • Lizard Skin DSP 2.5mm bar tape


  • Left shifter controls assists modes up and down
  • Right shifter controls rear derailleur up and down cassette
  • Top buttons on both shifter control the shifting modes – auto & manual
  • On/Off switch selection button controls the display screen and the adjustment screen
  • Tune has five levels of assist ranging from 25nM to 60nM across two profiles

Short answer: 100+ miles.

Long answer: the range fluctuates based on a number of variables, starting with how the assist is used throughout riding, rider weight, road surface conditions, wind direction, tire pressure, ambient air temperature, etc. Simple rule of thumb: if you are looking to go far, pace yourself and moderate your surging speed. If you have a full battery and know you are only going across town or on a short lap, open up the taps and consume as much power as you’d like.

This is a class 3 ebike, what that means is there is pedal assist up to 28mph/45kph. You can pedal well past that under your own power, but you will not have any assist from the drive unit past 28mph/45kph.

We have yet to put a stopwatch to it, but we have charged a number of batteries in four hours or less with the supplied Shimano EC-E8004-2 charger.

Yes, the Express can easily be picked and weighs in at 33 lbs. for the medium build. The majority of wheel supporting bike racks on the market will confidently carry a 33lb bike, if not two.

User Guide & Maintenance

If all items of the system have no damage, the answer is yes. The charger is UL listed and turns off when the battery is full. The charger and charging port are both waterproof to grade 5 (IPX5) or higher. The charger cycles the battery to 80% in 2.5 hours, and the remaining 20% charges at a lower amperage to reduce the risk of damaging or wearing out the battery. Be smart and safe; if your dog chewed the cord or your robotic vacuum is operating, it is probably not advisable to have your Express plugged in.

In-Stock Bikes

No excuses to stop exploring. Go further, FASTER!

Photo of bicycle drivetrain



Step 1: Select Your Size | Step 2: Place Your Order
FinishAlligator Slate Blue
ForkMoots MOD efork
SeatpostFSA V-Drive
CrankShimano Steps
BrakesShimano BR-RS600 180mm F/160mm R
HandlebarsFSA V-Drive 15mm Rise
Grips/TapeLizard Skins Oury Lock-On
SaddleWTB Gravelier
WheelsFSA AGX i25
TiresWTB Nano TCS 2.1"

incredible RANGE

With the Shimano 504Wh battery get huge miles on a single charge. Easy access battery door. 


Semi-integrated stem, handlebar and fork.


Two frame water bottle locations, one is a three pack mount variant, two three pack mounts on the fork and integrated fender mounts. 


Find your ideal frame size on the EXPRESS with our easy-to-use bike sizing guide.

Sizing GUide














160 cm

168 cm


165 cm

173 cm


170 cm

178 cm


175 cm

180 cm


178 cm

183 cm


180 cm

185 cm


183 cm

193 cm


Size (cm)
TT (cm)
Tube (cm)
Tube (cm)
Drop (cm)
Length (cm)
Over (in)













































Frame Specs

Head Tube:


Drive unit:




Rear End Spacing:
142×12 Thru-Axle

Disc Mount:

Flat mount 180F & 160R

Max Tire Clearance:

29 x 2.1″

Water Bottle Locations:

2 Frame + 2 Fork

Derailleur Hanger:


Fender Eyelets:

Integrated Front & Rear 

Charging Port:

In frame on seattube


The Moots Express delivers! I was privileged to ride it on a beautiful 50-mile gravel ride in Montana with The Cycling House. I’ve ridden my share of e-bikes, and the Express exceeded my expectations. The Shimano drivetrain and motor were smooth, and shifting between modes was a breeze with Di2.

I’ve witnessed the power of e-bikes firsthand on our trips; our #1 goal is bringing people together on unforgettable two-wheeled experiences, and the Express can level the playing field and open up the road to more abilities, non-riding or less enthusiastic partners and friends and make it fun for everyone so we can share the joy that a bike ride can bring.

Express Support

Warranty on Every Moots.

Register your NEW Moots frame so we have your information on hand if a warranty issue ever arises. We also keep you up to date with new Moots product info, special offers and events.

How to Buy

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With the help of your Moots dealer— identify your optimal fit & select the right model for your needs— or create a fully custom fit & personalized build.


  • USA handcrafted quality, beauty and durability
  • Custom assembled by Moots in Steamboat Springs, CO.
  • Ready To Ship within days from the time of purchase.

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  • Pre-assembled components
  • Pre-selected Build-Kits
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  • Custom color parts
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