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We love to meet our customers out riding and enjoying our bikes and components. It creates a feeling of family around the passion we share for cycling. We are riders and people just like you, and each of us has a part in the frame you ride or the stem you love. We invite you to find out a little more about each of us — the Moots factory family.


Our History

Since 1981 we’ve designed and built a lot of bikes, pedaled countless miles and welcomed many into the Moots family. Here’s a few milestones we’re proud of:

Moots begins
The first Moots, a custom steel road frame, rolls out the front door in Steamboat Springs, CO.
Road Handles Introduced
Moots introduces “road handles” (modern-day bar ends).
YBB Suspension Frame Released
The first YBB (Why Be Beat), the industry’s first soft-tail design, is built, becoming our signature bike. It becomes one of the most copied suspension frame designs in history.
First Titanium Moots Debuts
The first titanium Moots is displayed at Interbike and the magical material quickly becomes our material of choice. We expand the factory.
Chris Miller Purchases Moots
Chris Miller purchases Moots from Kent Eriksen, Trip Harrelson and Mike Sanders.
The Psychlo X
The Psychlo X cross frame is introduced.
Pro racer Ruthie Matthes wins the ’97 National X-Country title on her Moots YBB
Pro racer Ruthie Matthes wins the ’97 National X-Country title on her Moots YBB in Park City, UT.
First 29'er
Our first 29er, the Mooto X YBB becomes part of the fleet, nearly a decade ahead of the 29er craze.
The Moots Tailgator is introduced and is an early precursor to modern day bike packing set ups.
Our 20th Anniversary
We move into our current, state-of-the-art factory. Super Light (SL) Road and MTB models introduced.
Production capacity increase
A year after moving into our new building we are able to increase capacity while holding our quality as high as ever.
SL road bikes join the line
Utilizing a butted, seamless 6/4 tubeset from Reynolds Moots adds 2 SL or "Super Light" models to the line.
Moots offers 16 models of bikes
Consider a "retrospective" year, Moots focuses on building bikes that are purpose driven.
Pushing bicycle design
Moots forges ahead offering variety and individualty to our customers. Road, Mountain, Cross and custom.
Our 25th Anniversary
Moots celebrates 25 years with a Silver Anniversary event at the factory! exclusively for Moots.
The Evolution continues
"Our mission is to create a bike that will make you smile"....that was our leading copy from the 2007 catalog. Bikes are fun, don't forget that.
Innovations from the classic name in titanium.
The MootoXz joins the line as a 4'' travel dual suspension 29er. The CINCH Post seat post is introduced.
Mooto X YBB 10th Anniversary Edition 29er released
The Mooto X YBB 10th Anniversary Edition 29er is released. Moots’ own Jon Cariveau tops the podium at CrossVegas’ Wheelers and Dealers race.
Vamoots RSL debuts
The Moots road Line is completely revamped with the unveiling of the new Vamoots RSL. Keeping things light and stiff, the RSL stem comes to market.
30 year anniversary celebrated
Moots adds the Mooto X RSL to the mountain line making this the second model in the RSL family. Fall sees the addition of the third RSL model in the form of the Psychlo X RSL…
Best Cyclocross Bike
The Psychlo X RSL is crowned Best Cyclocross Bike at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and receives CX Magazine’s “Dream Bike” Award.
Moots boutique shop opens
Pedaler’s Fork opens as the first-ever Moots boutique shop in Calabasas, CA. Jon Cariveau scores the Silver medal (45-49 masters) at UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville, KY.
Routt & Routt 45 released
Moots ROUTT & ROUTT 45 are introduced into the line addressing the popularity of gravel riding.
Gage Hecht wins US (17-18 Jr.) National Championship on his Psychlo X RSL
Gage Hecht wins U.S. 17-18 Junior National Cyclocross Championships and also places 4th at the UCI Cyclocross Junior World Championships on a Psychlo X RSL.
3D technology
Moots is one of the first frame builders to integrate 3D technlogy into a flat mount brake mount.
The Routt RSL released
Adding to the Moots gravel line the ROUTT RSL is released.
Our 35th Anniversary
35 years handcrafting bicycle frames. A milestone by any account.
Premium finishes by Moots
Moots introduces anodized finishes to allow customers to personalize their ride.
Moots Carbon forks
Moots brings a gravel/cx and road disc fork to market. Flat mount, thru axles and ride matched to our frames.
5th Annual Moots-Ranch Rally
The 5th Annual Moots Ranch Rally gravel event is held, raising 5K for the Ag Alliance.
Psychlo X RSL Elite CX Podium
Gage Hecht at age 20 races his Psychlo X RSL to a 3rd place in Elite US Cyclocross Nationals.
6th Annual Moots-Ranch Rally
Moots hosts the 6th Annual Moots Ranch Rally, the original Steamboat Springs Gravel event raising another 5K for the CAA
Routt YBB gravel bike introduced
The legendary YBB soft tail joins the Moots gravel line up.
The Womble mountain bike introduced
Our take on modern day cross country geometry
The Vamoots RCS is launched
Named "Routt County Special" this high volume tire/modern day road bike is something we've been riding for years.
Moots celebrates 40 Years!
Moots turns 40 years old and places a special head badge on each bike built during 2021!
The Routt ESC is introduced in January
The 4th bike in the Routt family of gravel bikes. Rough, big, adventure on gravel. Escape!
The Forager is launched
Only 50 made for this once-every decade build. 20 years of fat bike experience in the Forager.
The Vamoots CRD is introduced
The Vamoots CRD is fully integrated and the pinnacle of the Vamoots heritage of road bikes.
1981: Moots begins
1985: Road Handles Introduced
1987: YBB Suspension Frame Released
1991: First Titanium Moots Debuts
1995: Chris Miller Purchases Moots
1996: The Psychlo X
1997: Pro racer Ruthie Matthes wins the ’97 National X-Country title on her Moots YBB
1999: First 29'er
2000: Tailgator
2001: Our 20th Anniversary
2002: Production capacity increase
2003: SL road bikes join the line
2004: Moots offers 16 models of bikes
2005: Pushing bicycle design
2006: Our 25th Anniversary
2007: The Evolution continues
2008: Innovations from the classic name in titanium.
2009: Mooto X YBB 10th Anniversary Edition 29er released
2010: Vamoots RSL debuts
2011: 30 year anniversary celebrated
2012: Best Cyclocross Bike
2013: Moots boutique shop opens
2014: Routt & Routt 45 released
2015: Gage Hecht wins US (17-18 Jr.) National Championship on his Psychlo X RSL
2016: 3D technology
2016: The Routt RSL released
2016: Our 35th Anniversary
2017: Premium finishes by Moots
2018: Moots Carbon forks
2018: 5th Annual Moots-Ranch Rally
2018: Psychlo X RSL Elite CX Podium
2019: 6th Annual Moots-Ranch Rally
2019: Routt YBB gravel bike introduced
2020: The Womble mountain bike introduced
2021: The Vamoots RCS is launched
2021: Moots celebrates 40 Years!
2022: The Routt ESC is introduced in January
2022: The Forager is launched
2022: The Vamoots CRD is introduced

Our Location

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

We’ve been handcrafting bicycle frames in the Rocky Mountains since 1981, earning a reputation for the building some of the finest quality titanium road, mountain, cross, and specialty frames on the market.


2545 Copper Ridge Drive
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Who We Support

Aside from building great bikes, we are also passionate about supporting organizations that make a difference in the lives of others. Especially when it comes to cycling. We support numerous non-profit organizations and other businesses in Steamboat Springs and beyond. Here are a few of them. 

We try hard to make sure we are operating our business responsibly, in recognition of this the City of Steamboat Springs has awarded Moots with the Gold Certificate for Corporate Stewardship. Day-to-day efforts include: 


Moots employees contribute a significant amount of time each year to volunteer for various community support programs and cycling-associated advocacy efforts.

Commuting Program

Every Moots employee receives $1 for each day he/she commutes round-trip to the factory. The money is given to the team’s chosen charity at the end of the year.

Alternative Energy

The Moots factory is outfitted with Solar panels on the roof, providing about 10-14% of our monthly consumption.


We recycle 100% of our part-offs and material waste as well as all paper, plastics and cardboards.



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