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The Routt gravel family is 5 strong now and that can make it hard to pick the right model for you. In this piece we’ll dive into all 5 models and shed some light on what might be the best ROUTT for how and where you ride. Gravel bikes have been in our lineup for just about 10 years now and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

First the name: The name ROUTT comes from the county in which we are located in Northwest Colorado. Steamboat Springs is the largest town in Routt County and is also the county seat. This is the place our bikes are developed, but also know that each time we travel, we ride the local gravel and those rides translate into what we offer. From the steep coastal gravel of southern California to the historic roads of Loudoun County Virginia and everything in between. Gravel riding is now an international language and with a change of tires our bikes are designed for versatility no matter where you live. Let’s have a look at our bikes.

The ROUTT CRD pictured on Routt County or CR 42, just a few miles from our facility. The Routt line was designed with a wide array of gravel roads in mind, however our backyard provides inspiration and testing ground to deliver a refined bike no matter the location they are ridden.

ROUTT CRD– (complete race design)

The Routt CRD is our newest bike in the gravel lineup. It has fully integrated routing and is super clean looking. Those two things jump right out at you at first look. Underneath that first look you will find a bike that sports features such as: T47 threaded bottom bracket, new 3D printed UDH T-type derailleur compatibility dropout, and our double butted RSL tube-set to save weight. It is void of a chainstay bridge for additional mud clearance and comes without fender eyelets, but can be order with them if you like. Our MOD SERIES of components take care of the handlebar and stem. The bar has a slight flare for comfort in any position and the stem has generous room for routing hoses internally.

Don’t be scared off by the name of CRD (complete race design) and think this is only a race bike. The Routt CRD can be ridden everyday with no sacrifice of comfort and versatility. It is best suited for tires in the 38-43c range. The Routt CRD has a max tire capacity of 45c.

The predecessors to the Routt CRD and keys to its development where: ROUTT RSL, PSYCHLO X, PSYCHLO X RSL, and VAMOOTS CRD. These models contributed to the evolution over the years into this sharp gravel package.

Who is it for? Everyday gravel riders with race and event tendencies.


The Routt RSL stays in our line as the gravel racer with external or non-integrated routing for those that don’t like full integrated routing. Race ready, tried and true.

ROUTT RSL-(race super light)

The ROUTT RSL was our first gravel bike to use the RSL tube set and start addressing the high performance end of gravel riding and racing. A no-nonsense build with; English threaded bottom bracket, partially internal routing, 3 bottle locations, fender eyelets front & rear, and that sublime Moots ride quality. The Routt RSL is best set up with a 38-43c tire and a max tire clearance of 45c.

The predecessors to the Routt RSL and keys models that lead to its development where: ROUTT, ROUTT 45, PSYCHLO X, PSYCHLO X RSL, and VAMOOTS. The RSL takes cues from those past models and combines them for an unforgettable ride.

Who is it for? Gravel riders and racers looking for high performance in a versatile package.




The Routt 45 is the descendant of the previous Moots model called the Routt, which then progressed to longer chain stays and more tire clearance. The current day Routt 45 can fit up to a 50c tire.


ROUTT 45– (the most versatile gravel bike)

The Routt 45 came from the original bike that we called the ROUTT. The 45 comes from a stretch of gravel road that is just outside town and bears the name CR45 (or county road 45). It is a broken stretch of road that receives no winter maintenance therefore if has variable surface from large fist size river rock to wash out areas that are sandy and rutted two track in between. The Routt 45 comes standard with 3 bottle locations, fender eyelets front & rear and geometry that puts the rider a bit more upright and a little less reach compared to the Routt CRD and Routt RSL. This makes for a very comfy ride on your normal rides or gravel event adventures. The Routt 45 can hold up to a 50c tire and is best set up with a 43c-47c tire.

The versatility of the Routt 45 cannot be understated. No matter the size of gravel or conditions of the route you have planned you can go up or down in tire size to dial in the ride. You can also get into a Routt 45 with our PROLOGUE BUILD starting at $7,499.

The predecessors to the Routt 45 are; ROUTT, PSYCHLO X, PSYCHLO X RSL, and VAMOOTS.

Who is it for? The gravel rider that wants the most versatility for tire accommodation and lifetime of durability.


The Routt YBB micro-suspension gravel bike. Low maintenance and lifetime warranty means a worry free ride year after year. Why Be Beat when you can flow over rough gravel on the Routt YBB.

ROUTT YBB (why be beat?)

Our legendary YBB micro-suspension is a key feature on the Routt YBB. The design has been with us since 1987 and is a simple way to take the edge off every bump you ride over. The gravel version offers 20mm of travel at the rear axle and makes quick work out of washboard gravel roads. In addition to taking the edge off everything you ride over the Routt YBB is a fantastic climber. Having just that small amount of travel allows you to stay seated and apply power as the rear wheel stays in contact with the ground.

The Routt YBB is built in the same geometry likeness of the Routt 45. Steady handling and the unmistakable ride of a Moots.

It will hold up to a 50mm tire and feels best in the 40-45c size.

The predecessors to the Routt YBB span decades. First seen in our Mountaineer steel model in 1987, to the much sought after MX YBB. The YBB design has been used in the Vamoots YBB, Psychlo X YBB and then back to the current day Mountaineer.

Who is it for? The rider of the Routt YBB is after comfort while maintaining the feedback from varied gravel surfaces.

ROUTT ESC– escape

The Routt ESC is a special breed that straddles the fence of being a monster gravel bike and a drop bar mountain bike. Escape is built right into the name and is what the ESC is all about. With the ability to hold a 2.4 tire there really is no terrain it cannot handle. Adventure gravel best sums it up. Tour Divide also is a part of the ESC. Pulling all that we have learned from bikes like the BAXTER, the ROUTT and ROUTT 45. Bigger can be better.

The Routt ESC is built stout enough to handle heavy bags, yet when unloaded is nimble and right at home on rough gravel, two-track and your favorite slice of single track if you are game. Tour Divide style routes are best taken on the Routt ESC.

The predecessors to the Routt ESC are the Baxter, Routt 45, Mooto X and Mooto X RSL.

Who is it for? The rider of the Routt ESC is seeking adventure on most every ride. Not sure what lies ahead for route conditions, the Routt ESC is the choice.


The entire ROUTT family from left to right (Routt CRD, Routt RSL, Routt 45, Routt YBB, Routt ESC). Image from the MADE BIKE SHOW.


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