The week has come and gone and after last weekend I started thinking about how as cyclists there are phases of riding this that and the other…..road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross and now gravel bikes. We’ve been here before as riders….we love to ride no matter what the industry or marketing people might call that riding….it’s all great.  So I was thinking that between Friday evening and Monday last weekend there was some pretty awesome things happening on two wheels and rough surfaces around the globe. It may seem like a simple thought, but man, as I was out there on Saturday riding 80 miles of dirt and gravel roads with awesome people, it dawned on me that there was many like minded cyclist doing the same thing on several differnt continents. Gravel is not new as some out there have been riding it for decades.  What is new is the amazing dedicated and designed products that make the experience more enjoyable. Way back in the day we had a Cyclocross bike and most people had no idea what that was.  Is it a road bike? A hybrid? A mountain bike with drop bars and small tires? My answer:  It’s a bike that takes me everywhere.

Anyway….here’s just a sample of rides that happened from Europe to America to Asia…..We all were out there….doing what we love with good folks…I hope you might be doing the same this weekend.

Enjoy the ride.


Location:  Basel, SwitzerlandOBST & GEMUSE hosted a weekend of gravel rides to celebrate their 8th year in business.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany–Fahrstil Klubhaus hosted the Odenwald Odyssey/Gravel Fondo Ride–Heidelberg. 


Location: Boulder, ColoradoWeAreButter Hosted over 100 riders for the 5th Annual ButterGold ride.  Taking in 80 miles of dirt and gravel roads.


Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado–Our own International Sales Director got his family out to preview most of the Moots-Colorado Ranch Rally course.  Conditions: A+!

Location: Black Forest, Germany–Our North American Sales Director goes on vacation with his new Routt 45, which by all accounts is now his new favorite bike.