Monday……that day we go back to “work”, recovery day if you have played/trained hard, a day when you bump into your work mates, you swap stories about what you did over the previous two days.  This week we’ve got a pretty diverse answer to that question ….What did you do this weekend?

BRET CHAMPLAIN || Welder + Artist

Its rare that I’m able to make the time to paint or draw. I had the privilege to do so this weekend and I was (at last!) able to finish a piece I’ve been working on for too long. Mixed media on paper, indelible and colorfast. This belongs to a series, the working title: Ghosts, Actually

Dusty Kinnear  || Miter Shop

Sat. Morning was -15F at my house just south of Steamboat (again), so I went to Boulder to ride. Saturday was almost 50F and when I got done on Sunday it was 65F! It. Was. Awesome.

MICHAEL LOOMIS || Sales, western states

This is a tough winter for me, piles of snow and awesome skiing to be had, but not by me. I had a surgical repair on my hip just before Christmas, still in rehab mode, and not yet allowed to ski or ride a bike. I’ll have another few weeks before I can get on an indoor trainer, and maybe hope for some spring skiing before it all goes away. So for now, getting outside just to shovel some snow is actually enjoyable. This past weekend was cold, had 12 below at the house on Saturday morning, but sunny and beautiful. I was very happy to be outside walking the dog, Gracie, up Spring Creek Trail and around the neighborhood.

ERIC HINDES || Machine dept. supervisor, PD, and QC.

I love new trails. I love the feeling of “being lost” or “out there”, especially when I’m in the middle of somewhere I’ve ridden a million times.
This picture was taken at the “end” of summertime logging road on emerald. Up until last week they had been grooming up to a certain “caution- logging activity” sign buried in the snow. On the day this photo was taken they groomed a little farther out and it made all the difference.

KAYLA PARKER || Frontline customer service

These last weekends have been busier than the rest because I am in the process of moving, but in true Steamboat fashion I still made time to snowboard. If you come to Steamboat you can see me making lattes in the morning at Starbucks, and then I try to get outside after that. So this is what the inside of Sahyla (my 4Runner) looks like now. crammed full of snowboard gear and all my crap to move. Yes, glamorous. I know.