Sometimes bikes are not all that consume our lives here at Moots.  I know that is hard to believe, but it’s true.  The diverse group that makes up Moots is into all sorts of things.  Skiing, working on vintage cars/trucks, raising kids and chasing outdoor pursuits.  This week we’ve got a pretty good sampling of what we have been up to. Look for weekly installments……  We hope you enjoy……

Caleb Franklin (Lead Welder)—

This is a photo of our friend and co-worker’s house. He had some pretty serious surgery last week. I was shoveling there on Friday afternoon and thinking about how great it was that people at Moots team up and help out. We were able to make a small group that will gladly go and clear snow after each snowfall. Our guy is itching to come home. We’re going to make it a little bit easier.

Thad Hoffman (Parts Program Manager)—

Coming from the Southeast and living my first Colorado winter, I find it intriguing that as long as the sun is out, the feels like temperature belies what the actual thermometer reads. Basking in the warmth of the sun makes the gray days and feet of snow almost irrelevant. Winter is the perfect time to just get out and enjoy the bike. No heart rate monitors, no structure, just mind-freeing fun and adventure. A perfect backdrop for taking time off in the middle of the ride to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Butch Boucher (el presidente’)—

Found myself in the land of no snow, automobiles and pavement for a quick ride where I found the Rose Bowl and palm trees. To my delight the Routt RSL didn’t need the groad less traveled to be a blast to ride – love the fit, the handling, the feel and great looks of this bike.

Jon Cariveau (Marketing)—

We live in a neighborhood that has groomed cross country ski trials that run throughout the houses and nearby farm fields.  Getting out with my family on skis during most of the winter weekends is the norm.  This is my daughter Kelsey (age 10)….she’s a character and most of our conversations as we ski along tend towards silliness…..just the way we want it.

Jeremiah Gantzer (Midwest/Rocky Mountains inside Sales)—

Late on Saturday we had a big storm blow in our legendary light power on the prevailing western winds. Driving back west from Denver at dusk there was almost no snow falling on the eastern side of the Divide but as I crested the top of Rabbit Ears Pass I was met with a white wall of snow obscuring my vision and blanketing the road. It made for some sketchy driving, but also world class skiing on Sunday.