Blues Break Week.  Yep, we get so much winter that come February you kinda get a little, let’s say, sick of winter.  So, this week every year the kids are out of school, which leads to a migration of Steamboat folk to leave town.  Some sit on the beach, others just go somewhere where the snow banks are not 8 feet tall.  This week our weekend update gives a little insight of just what we do with this much winter. Hope you enjoy.


I spent this weekend at the Steamboat Springs Center for Jeep Technology aka my garage. Winter is Jeep modification season for me. I have put a lot work into the rear driveline over the last few months, but I hit a snag routing the new brake lines. I’ve got the final piece for that on its way, but I was able to get a lot of the little jobs done while I waited for the key stone to land at my door step. This included changing the oil, replacing engine mounts, and soldering on new battery terminals. One modification I’ve been thinking about doing finally got done as well. Locating the transmission, transfer case, and front and rear differential vent lines higher in the engine bay and body. Won’t make it water proof, but hopefully will prevent water intrusion if in a water crossing. I gotta say “today was a good day.”

ELYSE || Accounting, Purchasing, HR, and so much more.

During the winter, my cycling is limited to the occasional spin on my trainer and interval suffer sessions on stationary Assault bikes at Manic Training. My winter passion is alpine ski racing. Saturday was our town SG race, and this view from the start always provides an adrenaline rush and maybe some pre-race nerves.
BLAKE || Finish Department ring leader, fixer of all, racer of cars.

Blake Chills || Walton Peak,  skin with the EIN

It snowed for the first time in a month and we wanted to go into the backcountry for some time away from the crowds of the mountain. A nice 20 min drive to the parking area, got our gear on and win was ready, he really liked the fresh snow as we skinned to the peak. The fresh snow was shimmering and Ein was bouncing up and down when ever he got off trail with was a lot, lots of tree sniffing for him. Half way through the journey the route became steeper and we continued on, layers were shed due to the rising temps and the in and out of the sunlight and shadows as we continued on through the trees. As we stated on the last pitch, we saw the people who had carved their way up coming down walton peak. We arrived at the top to an extraordinary view of the rabbit ears valley. We switch our gear into decent mode and had some nice turns through 4-5 inches of fresh snow. Ein was now in catch mode as he lead most of the time to the peak, as long as he stayed in our wake, he was able to stay with us. The slope turned into the trail back, and we made our way back to the parking lot, had to put our skins on to get up the last incline to the lot. Once we made it, Ein was done and jumped into the back of the car and relaxed. Our adventure was done for the day and so was Ein. photos to follow

Ski in the am, ride in the pm.

JON || Marketing and what not

It’s getting to be that time of year……February has given us false hope that spring is just about here.  We have a long time to go, so don’t get too use to those 45-50 degree days.  It can be 20 below very easily this time of year.  Never the less, we take advantage…..I got to ski with my family in the morning on Sunday until about 2pm, then go from ski clothes to riding clothes in 10 minutes.  I got to tap out 35 miles in comfortable temps.  We call it the Yampa Valley Double.  It could be ski & then fly fish. Or ski and then run or ski and then …..Winter blues no more!


Great fat tire riding on the crust with the pup. (Freda)