PSYCHLO X in spring/summer mode. 18.5lbs

Yes, #crossiscoming and we all are making that transition from riding long summer routes to those quick eye popping efforts that Cyclocross requires.

Those that are inclined to race during the fall and winter are also making the transition to different bikes and the gear that goes along with them. Gluing tires, lining up race events we’d like to hit and making sure our gear can make it through this dark wonderful aspect of cycling.

I myself am doing the same. I’ve been on a few short intense runs (on my feet) and have been using our local Tuesday Night Worlds as a chance to do some intense efforts as well as increase my leg speed.

That’s the physical part of the “getting ready”….On the gear front my bike is also making the transition to Cyclocross race season. For my primary bike that I train on it serves double duty. It’s my gravel-go-most-anywhere bike. I make some changes this time of year to take it from gravel/adventure rig to start grid worthy. These are the changes I make and to me really shows the versatility of the PSYCHLO X.


I ride a stock size 56cm Psychlo X with a 110 x -7 stem, straight post and 42 cm wide bars and Fizik Airone’ saddle. Those contact points don’t change. My bike is also set up with SRAM Force disc. Gearing during the early spring and summer are: 50/34 up front with an 11-28 in the rear. This allows me to ride steeper dirt roads, double track and some single track during the summer. I can also throw on a 11-30 cassette when I use this same bike for bike packing trips if need be. I use this set up in combination with a nice 33-35mm tire, which is large enough for me and where I’ll take this bike. If it’s nastier than that I’ll take my mountain bike.

During the spring and summer period this bike also has two water bottle cages, a frame pump, seat bag, Spurcycle Bell and a cheap watch strapped to the bars to keep track of how long I’ve been out riding. It’s a very utilitarian set up that is dependable and requires very little maintenance other than washing every now and then. It’s the one bike I could not be without.

Spring/Summer Bike weight: 18.5lbs

IMG_8682 copy

PSYCHLO X in fall & winter mode. 16.5lbs

THE BIKE SET UP—FALL & WINTER #crossiscoming

Now that Cyclocross is on it’s way it’s time to make this bike transition into into the racer machine that will see me through January with the same goal of dependability and low maintenance.

First up, I drop off all the extras. Gone are the frame pump (gotta shoulder), water bottle cages, seat bag. I keep the watch on the bars for timing intervals and ride time and also leave the Spurcycle bell in place to give shout outs during rides and races. I love that bell.

Next up I remove the chain, front derailleur and rear derailleur as I will be running CX1 for the race season. I then install the CX1 rear der (that has been sitting on my bench since last cx season). Next up I change out the rings on my crank to a single 40t X-sync SRAM ring. Cut chain a bit shorter and re-install. I also remove the front derailleur cable and housing….(won’t need that until spring) and run the left lever with the shift guts in place.

One more nice touch is using small plastic set screws to plug the water bottle bosses and front derailleur pulley hole so they don’t take on water, mud or sand that will be encountered during the season.

Lastly I install a set of Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL Tubular Disc wheels with Clement MXP tubular tires glued to them. Light, strong and grippy.

Fall/Winter bike weight: 16.5lbs

Now the PSYCHLO X is ready for the race course.


This cycle reverses itself when early spring rolls back around and the PSYCHLO X will be converted back into its other “personality”.

Now that is a VERSATILE BIKE.


We want you to be ready for cross, so we are running a special for any NEW PSYCHLO X ordered during August you get a FREE Enve CX fork (thru-axle disc). That’s a $550 dollar fork! (click link above)

IMG_8693 copy

Psychlo X ready for race action.