Vamoots RSL | Editors Choice 2016- Bicycling Magazine


This past Friday evening Bicycling Magazine held a gathering at Sea Otter after the days races wrapped up.  The bbq was a great time and place for them to announce their Editors Choice awards for 2016.  We were told we should attend.  That’s all they could tell us..  As it turns out we had built them an Vamoots RSL that was ready for Sram Etap.  They would fly to Sram HQ in Chicago and install the new wireless wonder groups onto a 54cm Vamoots RSL that was built with no shift routing stops.  This project was proposed to us back at Interbike in September of 2015.  The frame was also requested with our clean engraved head tube and etched decal locations.  This would be the first ever Sram Etap Moots build.

The bike ended up making the rounds and saw good milage.  The Bicycling Editors awarded 42 awards in various categories.  The Vamoots RSL was awarded the “awesome award”……the editors words:

“Somewhere in the early aughts, titanium stopped being the dream-bike material it had been in the 90s, replaced by carbon fiber for a lot of people. But ti never left; in fact, it got better, and the Vamoots RSL might be the most fully realized ti frame we’ve ever ridden. The magic is the mystery: that titanium can somehow be this light, stiffer than you expect it to be, but still supple enough to soak up broken pavement that caught you by surprise in a hard corner at 45mph because you were drafting a car (not that we’d advise that, but still). The Vamoots RSL is raceable, it’s adventure-able, and it’s weekend ride-able. Swing a leg over and it’s instantly amazing and familiar; astounding and comfortable; somehow, it’s always the right bike.”

We are flatered to have our second (the first was last year when the Vamoots DR was awarded best disc road bike) Bicycling Magazine Editor’s Choice bike.