The new Vamoots Disc RSL was shown at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento for the first time ever this past weekend. With the movement towards disc brakes on road bikes the Vamoots DR has been in place and will continure to be in our line-up, with the RSL taking it up several notches. This is the 4th model in the RSL family and shares many of the same features as the rest of the RSLs.  Those shared features are:

44mm head tube

Internally butted tube set, formed from US made seamless 3/2.5 tubing

Press Fit bb30

30.9 seat post diameter


3D printed 6/4 titanium flatmount  dropout with 142 x 12 thru-axle on the new Vamoots Disc RSL.

Intended Use/Design goals

  • Performance fit and handling, super light, nimble, crisp handling
  • Positioned next to the Vamoots RSL in design philosophy and intent
  • All the fine ride qualities of our top of the line Vamoots RSL
  • Similar stack and reach to the Vamoots RSL



Taking those features listed above and adding in some very interesting technology in the way of a 6/4 titanium 3D printed dropout to bring the disc caliper inside the rear triangle in a very clean way. We have partenered with a company based out of the U.K. to execute our design in a 3D printed formate.

Features and Benefits
58 cm = 1360grams, (3.0 lbs) – (VDR – 1550 grams (3.33 lbs)
Reynolds internally butted tubing in the main frame for lightweight and stiffness
Moots proprietary 1.125”- 1.25” tapered thru axle flat mount disc fork (in 2 offsets)
Pf 30 bb, 30.9 seatpost
6/4 3D printed dropouts* for optimal lightweight, stiffness and strength in a flat mount disc brake design with 142 x 12 thru axle
Great clearance for the brake for bleeding on all frame sizes

Pricing:  Full bike as shown $13,700 (substitute for Kysirum Pro Disc= $11,500)


Drive side of the 3D printed drop out.  Replaceable hanger, Wire ready.


Moots Carbon road disc fork. Tapered 1.25 to 1.125, Flat mount, 12mm thru-axle. Axle to crown of 370mm. max tire 30mm. This is our 4th fork design over the last 5-6 years and is specific for disc road bikes.


Moots disc road fork.  6mm allen or 15mm flats to remove the 12mm thru-axle.

*More about the 3D printing process and why we chose to use this company and this technology

We are very fortunate, through an introduction from Reynolds Technologies, to have partnered with a small company in Birmingham, England to design our new flat disc mount road dropout. This company, Innovate 2 Make or i2m currently has two 3D printing machines capable of printing parts out of 6/4 titanium alloy. They have been making various parts for most all of the Formula One teams and also for various aerospace companies for several years and were interested in working in the cycling industry to make parts that are of high value in moderate volume.


We chose to work on the flat mount dropout for several reasons:

The complexity of the shape – having the dropout and the brake mount as an integral part assures the caliper will be in the perfect location every time. No distortion from welding or extra machining or jigging.

Lightweight – using the 3D printing process the parts are built hollow similar to a tube yet reinforced to be extremely strong.

Versatility and Clearances – these dropouts are designed to fit a variety of frame sizes with plenty of clearance to easily bleed the brake caliper on all sizes. Also we will be able to make several variations of this design to fit different sizes and models of bikes because it is just a matter of changing the drawings, no new tooling is required for each new design.

Clean design – This is the latest prototype. As we work the kinks out the design it will get cleaner and better.

Efficient use of materials – with the 3D printing process there is far less waste compared to machining. The powder is laid down in layers as thin as 30 microns and a laser welds each layer together to only use the material you see in the finished part along with the support pieces needed to build the part.


The 3D printed drop out has an internal built-in channel for electronic wiring.