It’s getting to be late January and many riders are thinking of the new season and possibly the dream bike they have always wanted. Today we are looking at what goes into building a Moots Routt 45 almost step by step as seen through the eyes of our entire production staff.

Back story.

The build belongs to Mike Walker who lives here in Steamboat Springs. Mike is a huge Moots supporter and has ridden countless miles on his trusty 1999 Moots Vamoots.  He travels with his bike and is always up for some off the beaten path ride, no matter the surface.  Last summer after he completed his 2nd Ranch Rally ride on his Vamoots he mentioned he was dreaming up a new bike.  Something pretty far from his Vamoots that could take a big tire for those adventure rides, still handle well and lastly be travel friendly. His eyes were firmly fixed on the ROUTT 45 with S & S couplers.  As he worked his way through the fit with our local dealer ORANGE PEEL BICYCLE SERVICE, he carefully planned the build kit and also wanted to document the process of his frame being built.  We came up with the idea of having the production staff at Moots snap the pictures as the frame passed through their perspective areas and their lives. These are the photos that came from that….we hope you like.  **Big shout out to our staff for taking the time to capture their skilled work! You are crazy good people! Thank you!


The design is finalized.  Each tube selected, time to get to work. Note the blue sticky reminding us to ride Cottonwood Pass this summer.  We think of rides while building bikes.


Upper photo: Routt 45 chainstays are parted off.  Lower photo: Chainstays are bent for tire and crank clearance. Max tire on the ROUTT 45=45mm…coincidence? I think not.

3 step

Chainstays are squished into desired shape for tire clearance.


Shaping is complete on the chain stays… off to miter.


S & S couplers are the gold standard for travel bikes.  Titanium with stainless steel outer nut.


Our in-house robot–SPARKY 1


Sparky holds, purges, rotates the coupler and tube while laying down a flawless weld around the circumference of the coupler.


Like all titanium we weld, it goes through the ultrasonic cleaner to remove all oils for a clean uncontaminated weld.


The tube set in the dry basket after the ultrasonic cleaner.


Tubeset is ready to be placed into the main frame jig for tacking. The drawing follows the frame the entire time it is in production.11

Onto main frame welding.  Mattyp lays down the sick beads.


Once out of welding, a hand stamped serial number is applied to the bottom bracket shell.


Once the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket get post-weld machining the frame goes onto the alignment table.


A dial indicator is used to check that the frame is in perfect alignment.  Small adjustments can be made at this point if needed.


Mike choose our standard bead blast finish.  It’s durable and can be re-shot time and time again.


Decals are applied by hand, Lemon Pledge is giving it a glossy was coat……jut about done.

Moots Approved. Finishing bolts installed, final QC is complete….. this baby is ready to build.


Inside the box is a letter that welcomes each Moots owner to our family.


By virture of adding the S & S couplers, Mike went with a custom geometry at no extra charge.


The yellow card goes to Mike.  We can’t wait to see the final build and where his new rig will take him.

Thanks for support……thanks for reading.