Towards the end of October Moots was fortunate to have STUDIO VELO (our top dealer in 2016) host a Gravel Camp in Steamboat.  Scott Penzarella is one of three owners of this wonderful shop based out of Mill Valley, California……

He and his crew are familiar with riding all over the world and have been providing thier dedicated customers with well thought out SV TRAVEL trips that are focused on quality riding and the local experience.  Their moto for the shop is: PASSION, PRECISION, PERFORMANCE.  During the the 4 day gravel camp we had the chance to ask Scott some questions about StudioVelo and what makes them so successful.

Moots: How long has SV been in business?

Studio Velo: 2006 established first store, I started the business in 2004, as a mobile bike repair.

Moots: Sole owner?

Stuio Velo: It was started by me as mobile bike repair, but now owned by myself, Chris and Colin. .


The Studio Velo crew L to R: Collin, Chris and Scott

Moots: How long has SV offered travel trips to customers?

Studio Velo: Since 2010. First trip went to Girona, Spain

Moots: Philosophy of SV?

Studio Velo: Passion – Precision – Performance.


Moots: How do you see SV in the local riding community?

Studio Velo: An important part of building the cycling culture here in Marin County. We firmly believe in building community as the gateway to the sport. From events, rides, a coffee bar, cycling trips at home and abroad, an event promotion division and a cafe, Studio Velo believes in all things cycling and the wonders that connect riders with the open road.


Moots: The future of SV?

Studio Velo: Legacy status.

Moots: Why Moots? What drew you to the brand?


Studio Velo: The same focus/philosophy on quality, craftmanship and innovation that drives business, along with a commitment to building frames by hand here in the US.

Moots: Biggest hurtle of a retail shop in the modern day?

Studio Velo: Internet pressure is the obvious one, but the lack of qualified talent who can earn a livable wage in our low margin business is clearly the biggest challenge many of us face.

Moots: What do you look for in the staff that is SV?

Studio Velo: Willingness to learn. Committment to world-class service. Ability to wear multiple caps and a passion for the sport.

Congratulations to Scott and the Studio Velo staff for being the #1 ranked Moots dealer in the world!  We look foward to a great 2017!

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