Referb my Dam Fine Nuclear Grade Tough Moots

I would love say I’ve ridden my Moots to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, across the Sahara Desert, jumped Hells Canyon, sacrificed relationships, or rode through unspeakable things if I thought I could win a Refurb my Moots contest. The truth, however, is more personal and mundane than dramatic as I have only ridden the decals off this tougher than nails bike over the last 3 years. Sure all I do is mostly ride thousands of miles a year commuting on very isolated paved river trails to work, but this is my true reward and where I find peace, personal energy, and connection with nature (lions, tigers & bears oh my). I can say that I have ridden several centuries, up 8,000 feet of Mount Lassen and around the Castle Crags. On my year-round commute I ride through all kinds of weather (blazing hot 110 degree sun, 4” rain storms, hail, snow, high winds that are either hot and dry or icy cold) and am currently navigating through the flooding rains and river conditions to still make it to work every day. But Just like the renewable resources of my solar panels at home or the Shasta dam I operate my Moots frame is a renewable resource. I have worn out many of my bike components but my Moots frame is for life. In my career, I have also operated Nuclear power plants where I have inspected and tested nuclear grade welding by some of the finest welders on the planet on some of industries most expensive metals. What Moots craftsmen do building these frames is art second to none. My wife and I share this love as we have matching Moots bikes and spend many hours riding together (see our picture in the Moots Psychlo- x gallery under the bike road sign). My Psychlo-X has been so inspiring that I am now in the process of having my 3rd custom Moots built for my summer bike a Vamoots RSL Disc with the new Shimano Dur-Ace DI-2 R9100 series equipment. So basically I have no fancy words to inspire a reader’s heart to race, die of laughter, or shed a tear but I do have a story of diehard commitment and quality unsurpassed that would not turn away a sprucing give the opportunity.