For Justin and Remi the landscape looks much different for this mission compared to their last exploration when Iceland was the back drop. The pair retrace the Camino del Diablo on the capable Moots WOMBLE. Sit back and enjoy a close look of this region, its people, and its history.

SHARED TERRITORY – Borderlands is an exploration of a landscape that has largely been misunderstood through the lens of distant media and political narratives. This is the story of the Camino del Diablo, a historic route connecting the border town of Sonoyta, Mexico and Yuma, Arizona. This film wouldn’t have been possible without the people who were willing the share their time and stories. We encourage everyone who watched this film to continue the journey into the Sonoran Desert. And there’s no better way to start than through the work of these voices. Learn more about the area here: SONORAN DESERT CYCLING

We would like to add an introductory note to this post. Covid-19 has impacted small towns and indigenous communities at disproportionate rates, so please don’t travel to do this ride – or any rides outside of your locales – until the pandemic subsides. This will give you plenty of time to plan for an epic and safe ride along the Camino del Diablo…