We (Moots) could not be more proud to get our customers on the bike they have dreamt about.  Have a read and look at the Routt RSL  Jay Butler has built out.  Paint is by Black Magic. ….he writes; 

I am 46 years old and have been cycling since I was a young boy.  I raced on the Boston University cycling club and, although not a very competitive cyclist (in all honesty), I have always loved the sport and enjoyed riding my bike.  There’s nothing better than flying through the crisp air and feeling the sun on your face as you pass through the trees while the scenery changes from one rolling hill to the next.

I have had the pleasure of owning some of the finest bikes money can buy from Merlin, Seven, Eddy Merckx, Trek, Cannondale and BMC, etc.  Throughout my various experimentations with aluminum and carbon fiber frames, the compliance and resilience of titanium has always won my affection.  If you are considering dropping the “bling” to purchase a Moots titanium frame, please take it from a veteran amateur cyclist, “This is the best (last) bike you will ever want to own.”

Again, thank you Moots for putting all your time, energy and sweet equity into a product which brings cyclists so much joy!

Sincerely, Jay Butler


Paint fill on the 3D RSL drop out.

Dark navy paint with a blasted rear triangle to show what it’s made of.

      Left image you can see the fender mounts in the mono stay and the chain stay bridge that come stock on the Routt RSL.




Right image you can see the 3rd water bottle location under the down tube that Jay added for those long haul rides.  Also a nice touch of red behind the head badge.

The full built with Sram Red 1x.