“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary”……”Edgar Allan Poe gave the Raven a bad rap in his famous writing of THE RAVEN” says Joe Kayser of KAYSER & CO. He painted him with words of doom and death.


Joe subcribes to the mythical version of the RAVEN as the shape shifter that is always changing and adapting to any situation it may find itself. Joe is a designer from San Fransisco and uses the RAVEN as a symbol/icon of his company KAYSER AND CO. This was the thinking behind the paint job that adorns his new rig….always changing, always in motion even if it is sitting still.


We met Joe for the first time at NAHBS last week in Sacramento. Joe explained his thinking behind the paint scheme as we snapped photos of him admiring his design skills.  He had designed the paint layout to the millimeter and had not seen the complete build until he walked into the booth. He is the proud owner of this beautiful new ROUTT with the stunning paint job from Black Magic Paint.


A while back Joe was hit by a car which destroyed his carbon bike he was riding.  He starting working with STUDIO VELO in Mill Valley to replace the bike.  Scott and crew at SV got him thinking about a Moots ROUTT that will take him places his old road bike could not.  The project was born and it seemed only natural for this bike to be on display at NAHBS.





Thanks to Studio Velo and Joe for bringing this project to life.