RAPHA PRESTIGE BY DEFINITION: “Unsupported, unsanctioned, and unmarshalled adventures across stunning terrain, the Rapha Prestige series calls for teams of riders to work and stay together over challenging courses. This year, 26 Rapha Prestige rides will take place around the world, challenging teams of four to discover roads less travelled while experiencing the pleasure of taking part in tough rides together.”

We were lucky enough to host a Rapha Prestige event this past weekend June 4th out of the Moots facility.  Over 100 riders got to take part in a massive loop of almost 140 miles and 9500 feet of climbing around our home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  This super loop tied in many loops that even done alone would be a good day.  This day would prove to be as perfect as it could get.  The course was plotted out with local knowledge by Nate & Jon from Moots.  By most accounts the participants compared it to riding anywhere from; Switzerland to New Zealand.  We just call it northwest Colorado on a great day.

Having the number of teams that traveled near and far to come ride, suffer and see just what we are up to here at Moots was a humbling experience and sad to say, we didn’t get to meet everyone, but please know you are alway welcome to come ride with us at Moots.   Thank you for coming and making this an event to remember.

We had several teams of four that rode the enitire route on their trusty Moots.  Below are just some of the photos from the day;


Ealy morning, cool calm, coffee being served by Marshal from Rapha & Tillie the mobile cycling hub.


The early morning brought smiles.


These poor bikes did not know what awaits them.   140 miles, 90 of it dirt/gravel, almost 10k of climbing. Bike set up varied from 25mm  tires on road bikes, to full on 40mm gravel set ups.  The sweet spot was somewhere in-between at about 30mm, 65psi and a machine that you would be comfortable on for 8+ hours.


The sun greets the Rapha crew as the only bodies left at the start after 8am.


Esspresso, bikes and geat people….count me in.


Moots Team 1 takes a roadside break……with smiles!


A roadside stop to rest the ponies.


Butter/Moots Team 2……not sure we were awake at this point. For the day we had:

3 flats

1 song stuck in our heads “I”m on Bike”, I’m on Bike”

8-9 bottles of liquid each

Burned almost 6,000 calories each

Rode: 138.9 miles @220km

Climbed: 9,500 feet @2852meters

Finishing time: 8:42:24 of riding time

Rode: 4 abreast for most of the day

Beer hand ups: 1 @ mile 130

1 million laughs


Steamboat Velo fielded a team….all on Moots.  Here, local hard man Jim Barker stops with a smile.  Jim rode his Psychlo X RSL that featured at NAHBS in March.  It’s proving to be a match made in heaven. Nice work Jim!


Butter/Moots rolls early on the pristine dirt roads as the Sleeping Giant (Elk Mountain) takes a nap in the distance.


The south end of the course reached the shoulders of the Flat Tops Mountains.  Michael Robson was in dirt/gravel heaven.


The Select Super Market in Oak Creek got a little extra business on Saturday as it was the only store on the route.


Moots Team 1-Finishes the entire route with all intact.  In Sepia tone no less:  (L-R) Matt Alford (International Sales), Brent Whittington (owner), Matty P (welder), Dusty Kinnear (finishing)—Matt Alford finished with a personal best longest distance he’s covered on a bike—Congrats Matt & the entire team….you guys rocked it!

IMG_0412 copy

Our friends from Smartwool were the first to cross the line.  (L-R) Ken Benesh, Mark Satkiewicz, Trevor Walz and Garett Mariano


Our Butter/Moots Team wrangler was a bit tired at the end.


Butter/Moots Team 2 had what most would call a fun jackassing around day to finish 2nd.  (L-R) Nate Bradley (production manager) Michael Robson (President @ WeAreButter), Kelly Boniface (resident badass) and Jon Cariveau (marketing @Moots)

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.51.46 AM

Team Butter/Moots finished a bit salty 😉


Bikes of the Prestige. Cantis, calipers and discs.  Run what you brung.


The 140 mile course made it’s way all over ROUTT County.


The end is near.  The last mile or so took everyone on a bit of the Steamboat bike path back to the Moots shop.