EMERALD GREEN KING LTD….and Moots green bits—

Flashing back to the past weekend and NAHBS-Salt Lake City. Whew…..what a trip.

Our crew really has been drilling it on all sides, new anodized finish, new CNC parts being brought in-house and those Emerald Green decals and matching bits.

A view down from the drivers seat.

The show was amazing as always, great customers, great fellow builders that have an amazing amount of respect for one another. And yes, even spotted a few Specialized employees walking the floor scoping for their next main stream marketable items from our little handmade world. Who says we can’t drive bicycle evolution?

Seat collar and side plates to match.

Anyway, back to those sexy Hulk Green decals and Chris Kings bits—

Emerald green Chris King bb against satin blasted titanium…..oh so good.

Here’s the deal—

We worked with Chris King leading up to the show to develop green decals that would match their newly released, Limited Edition Emerald Green headset, hubs, bottom bracket. The Moots bits (seat collar, seat post side plates and Moots stem face plate are color matched to theirs. Pretty cool yeah? At the last possible moment a Spur Cycle bell was added to the mix and has a green anodized striker. Green with envy yet? You’ve got 90 days to order the Chris Kings bits to match the Moots bits. So yep, Limited Edition really does mean limited. Better get going…..These Chris King bits were featured on our ROUTT RSL, which really stuck a chord with many at the show. For more from Chris King go here:  CHRIS KING EMERALD GREEN

For now how about some pics?

Front hub look.

Mr. Moots green.

Rear hub mounted in the Routt RSL 3D printed flat mount drop out.  Note the integrated fender mount.


The full build.