Steeped in the mountains that surround our location, Moots has been building mountain bikes since the early 80’s and fits right in as one of the early pioneers and innovators of the discipline. While we may be off the beaten path and those other big mountain bike founders get all the credit, Moots was right there with them. Using our backyard as our playground and testing ground has led to the purposeful line up you see below. Whether you are looking for a modern hardtail with long travel, plump tires and a backbone to take you up, over, and back from beyond or you’ve been eyeing the LEGENDARY MOOTS YBB for years to give you just enought to take the edge off your daily cross country laps, we feel we have perfected the ride.

Snow? Yes, we’ve got more than we know what to do with and out of those long dark winters comes the Forager fat bike. With decades of testing, riding and pushing our fat bikes through an average snow fall of 350 inches, we know a thing or several about building these deep winter adventure mobiles. Womble, Mountaineer and Forager complete our mountain bike collection.










Check out our in stock bikes waiting for a owner and a lifetime of miles.