Remember at NAHBS 2013 when we built the IMBA Trail Maintenace Bike?  Well, it’s been quietly out there in service off & on ever since.  Not just a show piece, this bike was meant to go further than the awards stage. Since then it has visited several note worthy trail days helping crews cut timber, clear underbrush and inspire them to do the good work that they do.

Standout Moots dealer BELMONT WHEEL WORKS does more than just sell and service bikes. In early summer we made a dealer visit at the store and left the Trail Maintenace bike behind so they could put it to work in Massachusetts. They are an active member of the community that donates time for several good programs.  This time around it happens to be building and maintaining trails in the area.  Kevin Schwartz of Belmont Wheel Works spearheaded a small group to hit the trails and give them some maintenance love.


From show award winner to a trail near you.  Keep an eye out for the Moots Trail Maintenace Bike.