Over the past few years we have built our “Moots Ti Sticks” each Cyclocross season so you can cheer on your favorite racer. These “Ti Sticks” are made from our US made seamless titanium that is too short to be used in our frames or components.

Each one measures 10 inches in length and 1.5” in diameter.  They make a very unique sound when you shake them….a perfect way to heckle your favorite racer…….

100% of the proceeds go to an organization that we like to support, raising about three thousand dollars from our version of a “cow bell”.  In the past the recipients have been IMBA, Bicycle Colorado, and Colorado Flood Relief, and last year Charlie Cunningham.

Most likely you can call out your favorite trail by name and recount most every feature it holds. The smooth section, the nasty rock garden that you can clean most every time if you are on your game. That trail that brings a smile to your face no matter what the day at work threw at you. You know the one….your favorite.

We have some of those same trails here in Steamboat and if you’ve ever visited and ridden here, you’ve got your fav.

Here in Steamboat we are developing new trails so visitors and locals alike can feel that mile wide grin as much as possible. Along with building new trails comes the dedication to take care of those trails once they are many years old. There is a fund to put aside monies to keep those trails alive, so you, your kids and all the rest who frequent the Yampa Valley can enjoy them for years to come.

About the Moots “Ti Sticks”~ these are made from drops or scraps that cannot be used to build bikes.  Normally we recycle our drops, but for the Ti Sticks we save some choice drops and donate our time to weld and finish them by hand right along with our frames, stems and seat posts.

The fund is managed by the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.

The purpose of the Fund is to provide a permanent endowment to support specific non-motorized trail and trailhead maintenance projects on public lands within the current geographical boundaries of Routt and Moffat Counties.

A board, consisting of a land manager from the city, USFS, BLM, and State Parks, as well as an appointee of the Steamboat Springs Chamber president and two citizens with diversified trail interests appointed by YVCF, will determine trail maintenance priorities and projects each year, based on need. Funds are distributed to the land manager who determines how best to conduct the trail maintenance.

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receive a limited edition MOOTS TI STICK.