Riding to the summit of Mt. Werner on my MootoX RSL.

I’m certain I’m not alone when stating that fall riding is my favorite.  What’s not to love about gorgeous colors against bright blue skies? The lowered light hits those aspen leaves that still cling to their branches just perfectly. The temperature has been dialed down a few notches to that perfect zone. I wait for that sound of crunchy leaves beneath knobby tires all year. With a bit of moisture the trails and gravel roads are as good as they get. The changing of the leaves also signals a change in purpose for me.  The springtime focus of building fitness and getting in “bike shape” is done.  I can ride as slow or as fast as I’d like. Some days it’s a short mountain bike ride up on Emerald Mountain, other days an epic adventure gravel ride in a neighboring town. Regardless, autumn on the bicycle is pure pleasure.

 Climbing up Hardscrapple Mtn in Eagle, CO on the Routt RSL


Descending gravel on the Routt RSL.


View of Grouse Ridge on Buff Pass through the eyes of the MootoX RSL.

 View on the Airport Loop (Moots Loop or Jon C Loop as I like to call it.) through eyes of Routt RSL


 When the weather doesn’t allow for dirt, the Vamoots gets his turn at a fall ride