If small frame builders do one thing really well, it’s build stunning show pieces that grab loads of attention on the showroom floor and social media outlets. Concept bikes, one-offs and some to be never ridden (gasp/sigh). This is not the case for our 2013 NAHBS IMBA TRAIL MAINTENANCE BIKE. Since winning best theme bike AND Peoples Choice award at that show, this amazing piece of work has been out there making the rounds to do just what we set out to do with it. BUILD IT. RIDE IT.

The bike has visited several states and logged (or un-logged) many hours helping clubs keep their local trails in shape and ready to enjoy.

We set out building this bike with the hopes that it just might become more main stream and maybe a mass producer would pick up on the idea of building a bike that would not only get you deep into a trail system, but also carry the tools you might need to maintain those very systems. We’ll, it’s not seen in every shop, but KONA has brought a model to market that takes some major queues from our original. Just as we had hoped. Bring it to the people for the good of riding!

As we catch up with our bike we find it just finishing a tour in central Florida where it has been hard at work helping OMBA clear trail and inspiring riders to dream up new ones. Never to sit and collect dust, we will be working with the next club to bring it to a trail maintenace day near you. Stay tuned!