The holidays approach, the weather could be bad, you’ve got vacation days to burn before the turn of the calendar and you just might need a break from all that inside time with family. What to do with those days between Christmas and New Years?

If you are like most you have family duties, year end deadlines to meet and just maybe have a year end milage goal you want to hit.

Well, the good folks at Rapha are here to help motivate you to get out and finish off the year with a bang.  You see, they do this thing called the #Festive500 and this year are offering a fully built Moots ROUTT to the winner!


It’s pretty simple….Go to the RAPHA site, sign up, get yourself a STRAVA account and ride your legs into shape from December 24th to December 31st. While you’re at it, join our MOOTS STRAVA CLUB at the same time.

That’s 8 days to cover 500km (that’s 310.685 miles)… the darkest, coldest time of year.  No easy task, but one of great pride for many.  Log you miles, document your struggles and successes, then raise a glass at the New Year of a job well done.  You’ll also be in the mix to walk away with a new Moots and other great prizes.  Nothing better than solving the N + 1 bike formula with a free bike!


But wait, there’s more…….

If you are the lucky winner of the Moots, we are going to fly you here to pick up your new rig.  That’s right, a trip to our place where you will stay in our guest apartment, meet the crew and go on some rides atop a beautifully hand crafted ROUTT or ROUTT 45!  What a way to end the year and start a new one!

So, are you in? Let’s get after it! Misery loves company as they say….. We’ll be miserable together.

Post your photos to Instagram and tag #moots and #festive500