Everyone has a story … the Vamoots Disc RSL is helping to rewrite mine.

Today we have a story from a Moots customer that like many of us, loves to ride.  His love of riding found him digging deep to recover from serious injury and now moving forward to rewrite HIS story….have a read: 

On Jan 29, 2017 I nearly lost my life bombing a descent in Colorado. Fractured 4 bones in my back, 3 in my foot, my wrist, and lost more blood/skin than I can remember. Forget rock climbing and cycling, I couldn’t even feed or bathe myself any longer. I became lost, lonely, and felt sorry for myself at times – to a point in which it affected and ended my long term relationship. I needed to do something, anything, to get myself motivated again.

I wound up taking all the money I had saved up for 2 years on a new SUV and purchased my dream road bike … my beloved Moots. It would be a few months before I could ride it, but it was just the motivation I needed to claw myself back into reality, into normalcy, and routine. I trained HARD as I dreamed of titanium daily. It began slow, but at least it began – I shouldn’t be walking, let alone be here. Success went from showering solo again to walking with a cane to physical therapy to light yoga and, FINALLY, riding again.

But I didn’t allow myself to ride the Moots until I felt confident in knowing my physical capabilities were at (or near) the level of prestige of the brand I had coveted so much. So I rode like a madman on a training bike – 10 miles became 20, which soon became 50, which soon became 100! Simultaneously, my pace picked up from 15 mph to 17 to 18 and now around ~20 mph. I quickly became the guy at the front of most group rides, the kind of guy who laughs at head winds as he pushes the pace. I was ready.

From the first pedal stroke it became abundantly and unequivocally clear to me that the Moots was not just the right choice, but the only choice for me. I quickly forgot about pain and loss and suffering. The only thing I thought about was the pure enjoyment of riding, of exploring, and of being at one with the landscape. My Moots has not only been the best gift I could have given myself, but has also proved to be invaluable in turning around my physical/emotional/mental health, as well as my confidence around.

I’m nearly at 100% recovery from the accident, albeit a newly redefined 100%. Fortunately, I’m several months ahead of schedule and alive as ever. Not bad for someone whom only picked up cycling in September of 2016.

Everyone has a story … and the Moots Vamoots Disc RSL is helping to rewrite mine.



Do you have a story around your Moots? We’d love to hear it.  You can post yours to our Moots-Community page.  Write as much as you want, post pictures and let us hear YOUR story. 


Vinny and his story re-writer (his Vamoots Disc RSL)