Sometimes it’s the things you don’t need on your bike……Say like cable stops for the new SRAM Etap group.  This new group from SRAM is wireless like most everything else in our digital lives….now you can have your Moots frame the same way.  On a new Moots frame you can designate it as an “ETAP” frame.  This means we will leave off the stops on the downtube and the drive side chain stay, leaving a super clean build free of internal wires and external shift cable & housing.  BICYCLING MAGAZINE is testing the new ETAP group in a long term test aboard a Vamoots RSL.  Look for that review sometime this summer.  For now, have a look at a super clean RSL frame without the shift stops……..We still prefer to route the rear brake in the traditional manner at the 7 O’clock position under the side of the top tube. ……your mechanic will thank you.


Clean downtube, without the cable stops…….


Chain stay free of the cable stop… would sit just below the “S” in MOOTS.


Cable stop-free chain stay on an ETAP Moots frame.