Length of time at Moots, 11 years……came to Steamboat for his job at Moots…from Delaware…when asked what type of skier – he’ll tell you he fat bikes…first bike he can really remember is a Torker BMX, around ’89…as a kid, cycling gave Nate the opportunity to get outside and go far…current bicycles, “ I’m told to many.”…favorite Steamboat area ride is Soda Mtn…outside of Steamboat – the trails in Northern Delaware…dream cycling trip – “It would be long in both distance and time. It needs to be warm, I spend too much time riding in the cold. I would like some big hills, but would also like it to be close to a coast line. Hopefully there are lemonade stands along the way, with lots of good food stops scattered about…I’m still looking!”…Nate admires the new generation (youth), he’s impressed with their skill, ability, and enthusiasm, “Cycling has a good future, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”…pre and/or post ride food, “Come on, pizza.”…off the bike you are?, “That doesn’t happen often.”