At Moots since 2011…in Steamboat for 25 winters and counting…grew up in Napa, California…backcountry tele skier…in 1990, Michael married Stephanie,then loaded mountain bikes and camping gear into their Honda Accord and took a six week honeymoon in the Rocky Mountains. While passing through Steamboat, they ended up staying for a week, found jobs, a place to live, took out a steel Moots mountain tandem for a ride, and the rest is as they say history…first bike – Michael has three brothers so they fought over and traded everything, especially bikes…the first bike he called his own was a black Schwinn Stingray, followed by a gold Typhoon…currently in his garage – Moots Rogue YBB, Moots Vamoots CR, and a 1988 Breezer…loves anything singletrack in Steamboat particularly the full MRP…outside of Steamboat it’s Independence Pass…dream cycling trip is a tour of Patagonia…breakfast burrito pre-ride and salty chips with an IPA following…admires John Stamstad…when not riding Michael is listening to music and planning his next ride…speaking of music…Michael loves seeing live music: rock, blues, bluegrass, reggae, jazz, just about anything.

What working at Moots means to Michael: