Name: Kelsey Hutchinson

position at Moots: welder

time at Moots: 3 months!

from: Omaha, NE

I bought an old Bianchi off of Craigslist before moving to NY, I loved exploring the boroughs in the fresh air instead of being stuck underground with everyone and their grandma. After moving back to Omaha, I started working at a bike shop and became bananas obsessed with all things in the bicycle world. (Thanks Omaha Bicycle Company, SJ & Jim)

I was a fashion journalist, turned graphic design major until I toured a frame builder in Oregon and saw someone welding a frame. I immediately came back to Nebraska, quit graphic design school and enrolled in a community college to get a welding degree. Two years later, I’m working at my dream job. (Eeeeee!!) I also really like Star Wars but, ONLY the original trilogy. 

Hobbies: climbing, riding all of the bicycles, and trying to cook.