Parts Program Manager Manager…going on almost 5 weeks at Moots…from Hartsville, TN…learned to run trails next to my Dad’s 2008 Moots Rigormootis…loves any trail near a creek…admires Matty Pronovost and Frida…daydreams about running awesome trails while dad pedals, stopping and swimming in a river, eating some treats, and then sleeping in the car all the way home….”My dad got me started following his bike when I was 10 weeks old. By the time I was 4 months I could run a whole mile with him. By 6 months we were doing 20-30 miles. I absolutely love it! I never cut trail and sometimes I wish Dad could ride faster, especially uphill. I usually have to bark at him to get him to hustle up. Slow humans.”…I like food. Do you have food? Is that why you’re asking me about food? Are you going to give me food? I see you’re eating something,is that food? Can I have that? Please? Can I have that? Please?