Moots Cycles has always been a brand I admired for both the quality of the bikes and their general stunning esthetic. The home state connection here in Colorado has always been an appealing factor as well. My obsessive passion for cycling really didn’t emerge until I moved away from Colorado though. I have been a long-time rugby athlete, and after 10 years of playing here in the US, I decided to chase my lifelong dream of playing in New Zealand. In 2016, I moved to the southern hemisphere and played rugby in Canterbury for a season. While I was traveling through the country, I landed a job at a bike shop in Christchurch and soon traded my rugby boots for cycling shoes. For the next 4 years I was completely consumed with everything bikes. Selling bikes, riding bikes and exploring by bike. I chased road bike races and enduro mountain bike races all around New Zealand. The bike industry fully captivated me and I have been cycling and selling bikes ever since. Low and behold Steamboat Springs called me back home in 2020, Moots had a job opening! The team is like a second family here, taking me in as I readjust to life back home. The talent and passion that is shared by everyone here is a true inspiration and I am over the moon to be selling these handmade pieces of art from a town that means so much to me. Cycling has a unique and special meaning for every rider.