Worked at Moots and been in Steamboat Springs 15 years…hometown is Iowa City, IA…came to Steamboat for Moots…mostly a tele skier these days, but usually on the fatbike…first bicycle was a red Vista 20”er (heavily modified!)…current bicycles include a Mooto X, a Frosthammer, a Routt, and a couple of old Teesdales…favorite rides – there are too many good ones out there he says – in the Steamboat area – Seedhouse area and the the CDT are always winners…he enjoys riding in the Pacific NW with his Dad on the super fun trails a few miles from his parent’s house. Eric’s Dad is 71 and still rips it up!…dream trip itinerary – he’s had Japan on the radar for a long time and thinks Iceland looks pretty sweet too….Eric admires and looks back to all those old guys back in Iowa City that put up with an “annoying kid” constantly hanging out in the way, asking a million questions, working on his own bikes, etc. – Dennis Malone, Chuck Coyle, Eric, and Andy, Patrick Mulligan, David Eye, Nick Hoeffer, Ed Rushton, Tom Teesdale (RIP!), and Steve McGuire- they all had a major influence on his passion for bikes and making things, and for that Eric is extremely grateful!…no favorite pre or post ride food – he likes all food, period…when he’s not on one of his bikes, you can find Eric hanging with his daughter and wife or working on the house…Eric credits his folks for getting him into cycling, “They bought me a bike and encouraged me to get out of the house!”

What working at Moots means to Eric: