I was fortunate enough to buy Moots in October, 2015 and am proud to be part of this team. I’ve been a passionate cyclist most of my life and to combine my personal and professional interests is truly exciting. After years in the corporate world, I grew tired of that experience and was looking for something more fulfilling and Moots was a perfect fit. This is an incredibly talented team of cyclists who handcraft these beautiful bikes right here in Steamboat and have a tremendous culture that was just what I was looking for next. 

I grew up cycling as a kid and never grew out of it I guess. Years of riding all over the neighborhood for fun with my brother turned into a way of life. I’ve had many bikes and the one I remember most was a Specialized Stumpjumper, my first mountain bike that I purchased in 1990. Believe it or not, the shop actually financed it for me or I’d never have been able to afford that bike. My wife still gives me a hard time about that as I had no money left for evenings out. 

I am currently riding a new lineup of Moots bikes to include the Routt 45, Mooto X YBB and the VaMoots RSL. My favorite trail in Steamboat is definitely The Ridge with beautiful views and just a fun downhill. Outside of Steamboat, the epic trail the Womble, in Arkansas is without question my favorite. My dream ride is to tour New Zealand from top to bottom with no time pressures whatsoever – and with my wife, which is why this is likely to remain a dream. 

When not on my bike, I’m hanging with my family to include my wife, daughter (Makenna) and son (Nash). I love to read and am always into an interesting book. I got hooked on skiing in my early 30’s and am excited about the winters in Steamboat Springs. Should be able to ski each time I’m there and then get out and ride again when returning home to Little Rock. Oh, and I’m a huge Kid Rock fan!