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A group rolls up the Mystic climb in the first 10 miles

We’ve had some time to digest the Ranch Rally and the great day that it was. Most of us have attended events and even put on events that we didn’t want to end. The Ranch Rally falls into this category for us. Meeting new friends, sharing our little corner of Colorado, the special roads, ranches, and experiences has us elated and looking forward to next years’ edition. We hope you feel the same way.


The morning scene at Moots–THE RISTRETTO COFFEE LOUNGE seved up the the goods before we ride.

For the 3rd edition we found Steamboat in a dry hot spell, which meant we were able to ride the original course that covers 50 miles, 46 of them on dirt roads that varied from smooth mag-chloride treated surfaces to a bit of gravel and some sandy conditions in areas such as the famous 52E Salt Creek sector.

13495141_10206651982838348_4908679101414405339_n copy 2

His & Hers ROUTT’S…..what better way to do the Rally.

This course is no easy stroll in the park and tests riders’ abilities to adapt to the changing conditions over the day. Most riders loved the challenge and for some, it opened up a new style of riding those roads less traveled. We are very thankful to have had you here at Moots.


Ethan Swaidner (in USA kit) was the youngest ever participant in the Ranch Rally.  At age 13 he completed the entire course with his dad! Great Father’s Day weekend.

With all good events there is a cast of volunteers that come in all shapes and sizes. The Moots staff really stepped it up this year to make sure all participants enjoyed the day. Through the high-fives and salty smiles from the riders, I could feel that this was accomplished. Thanks to our co-workers seem not enough, but THANK YOU. Then there is the family members of the Moots staff that served lunch, marshaled at corners, snapped photos and mingled during the social that really makes this a Moots Family endeavor. If you rode during the Ranch Rally 2016, you not only came in contact with bike builders, you also met our wives, kids and dogs along the way. Thanks to them for going above and beyond.

The supporting cast goes even further to the local businesses and bicycle industry supporters that make the Ranch Rally part of their yearly plans.  Those are: (and forgive my list)













and last but not least: MOOTS

IMG_0530 copy

The ROCKING C BAR RANCH hosted the lunch.  The ranch has been in the same family for over 100 years.

IMG_2780 copy

Converting runners into gravel riders.  This was the couples first gravel ride.  The smiles make me think they could be hooked.

It brings a huge sense of satisfaction to show our guests just some of the roads we ride on a daily basis. Those names and places of Mystic, Deep Creek, Long Gulch, Salt Creek and Fly Gulch have played a role in the designing of the ROUTT and ROUTT 45. They are near and dear to our hearts to say the least.


The half way aid-station was powered by HONEY STINGER and staffed by Moots.

We have a huge photo gallery posted on our FlickR account, which you can view here:


A big thanks to McKenna Whittington for enduring the burning sun to capture the event!

If you see yourself in there, feel free to download those photos and share with your friends.


Early in the ride a group rolls out on County Road 44 with the Steamboat Ski area as a backdrop.

Lastly, a huge THANK YOU to the riders of the Ranch Rally! Your efforts and support of our event raised $5,000.00 for the Community Ag Alliance for a second year in a row!


The Ranch Rally benefits the local Community Ag Alliance which promotes locally grown food, fiber and products.  Keeping local agriculture important and vital. Our route takes the riders past just some of the historic ranches in the area that are still going strong.

We hope you’ll be back and bring a friend for the 2017 Ranch Rally.  We’ll keep you posted later in the year for registration and dates of the 4th Annual Moots-Colorado Ranch Rally.

 IMG_0725 copy

52E, or SALT CREEK comes at the riders at mile 35 of 50.  It’s a testy section of two track that keeps you on your toes.  It will be waiting for us in 2017.



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