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The ROUTT 45 is a workhorse gravel machine that’s aimed for adventure and versatility from tackling fast paced lunch rides to multi-day bike packing outings on ornery backwoods roads and trails.  

Shortened stays give the ROUTT 45 increased snappiness for climbing and cornering agility, while retaining the stable handling and comfort of the original Routt 45.  Optimized for 700 x 40-50mm tires, with a maximum tire size of 700 x 50mm. Clearance with compact double chain rings, or up to 42 tooth clearance with one by drivetrains.

The ROUTT 45 sports a 3rd water bottle location as stock, so you can go further between watering holes.

The ROUTT 45 is packed with multiple performance-oriented features.  Perfect rear wheel and brake alignment come courtesy of our proprietary 6/4 titanium 3D-printed flat-mount disc mount.  To provide the greatest range of tire and wheel combination compatibility, the frame and fork are designed to accommodate up to 50mm tires with a geometry optimized for 700c wheels.  Standard builds come equipped with Moots full-carbon gravel/cross forks that conveniently feature hidden fender eyelets for foul weather riding and training.

And of course, the Routt 45 is made of US-made, seamless 3/2.5 titanium and comes in seven sizes, with custom geometry available to ensure a perfect fit for every rider.


Tire Size – The ROUTT 45 holds a 50mm maximum tire tucked into a 43.7cm chain stay. The 50mm tire has generous room at the chainstay and the upper seat stay for mud and debris.  

Angles, Stems & Bars – The geometry of the Routt 45 uses a slacker head angle and a longer top tube to give the bike a longer front-center.  Going to this set up you will use a 1-2cm shorter stem depending on fit needs.  Pairing a handle bar that is also 1-2cm wider will put the rider in the sweet spot of stability and control.  Improved stability, comfort, broader handling capability and more fun.

Gravel  W  I  D  E  for all: 

As the evolution of gravel bikes continue, drive trains take on a special debate of 1x or 2x? Well, that’s up to you and your preferences for your local riding.  But what’s great is that SRAM and Shimano have come out with gravel wide drivetrain options..  What does this mean?  GRAVEL WIDE….say it again with spirit! What does it do? Gravel wide moves the chain ring (s) outboard  as well as adding 2.5mm to each side for width at the crank.  What this allows a builder like Moots to do is move the chainstays outboard to create tire clearance WITHOUT making the chainstays longer.  This in conjunction with the wider gearing range now needed for 45-50mm tires and the terrain we want to ride makes this a win-win.  The ROUTT UPDATES in all three models are built around gravel wide.  The ONLY drawback is that you will NOT be able to install a standard road group set on the Routt family of bikes, but with broader tires being used we’ve found standard road gearing simply no longer to be relevant for this application.


The current Moots gravel/cx fork is standard on all three Routt models. It features ample room for the 50mm tire, tapered steerer tube, hidden fender eyelets, 12mm thru-axle and flat mount brake mount.  Its full carbon construction is stiff, durable and lightweight.  Designed by Moots specifically for our gravel bikes.

MOOTS SELECT BUILDS come standard with our BRUSHED finish but can be upgraded to a full array of finish options including our Signature Series anodized logos and patterns. Visit our FINISHES page for the full menu and details.


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Frame Size (CM) Effective Top Tube (CM) Seat Tube /c - T/ (CM) Head Tube Length (MM) Head Angle Seat Angle BB Drop (CM) Chain Stay Length (CM) Stand Over (IN) Fork Rake (MM) Stack (MM) Reach (MM) WHEELBASE
50 52.0 46 120 70.25 75.00 7.1 43.7 30.0 47 560 367 1023
52 53.0 48 140 70.25 74.25 7.1 43.7 31.0 47 579 364 1027
54 54.5 51 150 70.50 74.00 6.9 43.7 31.6 47 587 374 1038
55 55.5 52 160 70.50 73.50 6.9 43.7 31.9 47 596 376 1044
56 57.0 53 170 71.00 73.25 6.9 43.7 32.4 47 603 385 1052
58 58.5 55 190 71.00 73.00 6.9 43.7 33.0 47 627 392 1065
60 60.5 57 210 71.50 72.75 6.8 43.7 33.8 47 647 403 1078
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Head tube
Bottom bracket
68mm English threaded
Derailleur clamp
Thru-axle rear end spacing
Disc mount
Flat mount 140 rotor adaptable to 160
Max tire clearance
Water bottle locations
Derailleur hanger


Rider Praise


Taking the ROUTT on a simple ride won't due it justice so BICYCLE QUARTERLY took it to BON JON PASS AND BACK BEFORE DARK. --BICYCLE QUARTERLY -- Testing the Moots Routt Riding to Bon Jon Pass and Back Before Dark Take a read of issue #58 or you can click the link below MOOTS ROUTT---BON JON PASS AND BACK (PDF) or you can buy the issue here: BICYCLE QUARTERLY …

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