We are asked several times a month; “How do I wash & care for the finish of my Moots”? So, in this thrilling installment of the Moots Blog (straight from the Croc’s or Alligator’s mouth, as it is) we’ll cover off on how to best care for that beautiful finish. 

Get it dirty

It’s the heat of summer and you’ve been piling on the rides. Dirt, mud, things that “look like” mud, energy drinks, and sweat have all made their way onto your Moots. Now, we’ve all been there where we just grab the lube, apply to the chain and head out for another ride. It all makes it run smoother right? Just keep that dirt & grease layer building up, jockey wheel donuts are cool right? …..until you just can’t take it anymore….after all, this is your pride and joy. You’ve sweated the details (as has our crew) on your dream build, and you just can’t bear to show up on the next group ride looking all a mess. It’s time to get serious about bringing back the luster of your Moots.


Before the cleaning.

Below are our best practices in caring for your Moots. Results may vary and you may have another trick or two up your sleeve, but take it from Mr. Moots, he’s done this a few times, trust him. 


You can use a bike stand or just lean it up against a wall with a hose at the ready. Use a garden variety style spray gun to give it a good blast. Work from the top down, saddle, bars, grips/hoods/bar tape, disc calipers, wheels & tires. Next put your brushes, sponges & other cleaning utensils into your bucket.

Give the bucket a good dose of Dawn Liquid Dish Soap. Fill the bucket with water and make sure you agitate using the hose to get it good and bubbly, or is it Buble’? Again, starting from the top-down; brush, sponge, and scrub everything. Don’t be shy. Let the soap sit on the entire bike for a couple of minutes when you’re done scrubbing. Go back to your bucket often to keep the suds coming. Once done, hose it down with clean water. 


Using an old cotton t-shirt wipe down the entire bike while the water is still on the tubes etc. This helps get that last bit of grime you may have missed while scrubbing. 

Take the Pledge

Using that same cotton t-shirt, use Lemon Pledge (yes, lemon only, yellow can) to soak a small part of the t-shirt, it’s perfect if that t-shirt is a little damp from the water. Using the area that you soaked with Lemon Pledge (pictured is the industrial version of Lemon Pledge), wipe down all the main tubes of the frame, seat post, stem and fork legs. Stay away from the disc rotors and saddle unless you like to slide off the saddle or enjoy poor brake performance……just sayin’. The Lemon Pledge will restore the factory look by giving it a waxy coat. After each frame is blasted at the factory we treat them with a coating of Pledge. 

After the cleaning and Pledge.


Don’t forget to lube your chain with a quality lube. We’ve been very happy with the Silca Synergetic Chain Lube for all conditions riding. 


Show up at your group ride and let your friends marvel at how sweet your Moots looks. They ask, “is that NEW”?! Nope its got thousands of miles on it……. enjoy the look on their face when they don’t believe you. 

Disclaimer— (there’s always a disclaimer)

Your Moots finish will show signs of wear over time. It can get marked up by bike packing bags, it can get scratched and cable/housing can rub through the finish and leave a shiny spot. Good news is….it won’t rust and those “character marks” will tell the stories about those amazing days out on your Moots.  

Ready to ride!

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