The Alpha Bicycle Co-Groove Cyclocross Team is really making a mark on the Cyclocross season thus far. Over this past weekend they raced CincyCx and had super mudder conditions on Saturday and fast/drying conditions on Sunday.

All images: Bruce Buckley

Gage Hecht took the C1 win on Saturday with the best in the country on the start line. Turner Ramsay turned in her best UCI race to date and Katie Clouse and Brannan Fix continue to post up brilliant results.

The Alpha Bicycle Company trailer & team set up in the background.  The team runs a tight ship and is quickly being recognized as a force week in and week out.


You might wonder, where did this little team of talented young ones come from? Well, it goes back many years when the Alpha Bicycle Company started with a junior development team…..and when I say junior, think 7 & 8 year olds and up.  This shop developed their team by the nature of kids wanting to get out and race the courses their parents were racing.

Katie Clouse had two consistent days placing 7th & 12th.

One thing lead to another and those 7 & 8 years olds became teenagers, national champions and more.  Adam and his crew that guide the team always make it about fun.  You make it fun and they will want to continue.  Make it un-fun and they will stop.  So this young group of kids are now turning into adults and have a tool box full of skills coming with them.  Nurtured by parents, coaches and a shop willing to keep the bikes tuned and the tire pressure dialed.  Now this group of 4 elite U23 racers is lining up against the real PROS and showing them a thing or two.

Turner Ramsay over the planks on day one of CincyCX

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And jump over to the Alpha Bicycle Company website to take a look at how local shops do so much more than sell and service bikes.

Brannan Fix keeps the focus on day 1.


This coming weekend is a big one.  Pan-American Championships in Midland, Ontario Canada. The entire team is making the trip, stay tuned for updates.

Team Manager and Alpha Bicycle Company owner Adam Rachubinski puts in the work and keeps smiling the entire time.

Gage—as cool as they come.  Stands in the front row next to the reigning champ.  No. Big. Deal.

Gage–Lazer focus on his way to his first ever C1 UCI victory.