ACME Bicycle Co. based out of Brooklyn, New York came on board as a Moots Dealer in 2015. Since then they have hosted Moots social nights and demos from their shop.

In the short history of the shop they have quickly developed a following that reaches near and far. We posed a few questions to the two owners of the shop and this is what they would like you to know about them and the operation.

MOOTS:: Tells us what your focus is throughout the shop?

ACME Bicycle Co.:

ACME Bicycle Co. is a two man operation focused entirely on bike fitting. The business began in 2011, born out of passion, with the goal of optimizing the relationship between rider and bicycle for comfort, speed and performance. Located in Brooklyn, NY, the third floor studio is engineered to give the best one-on-one experience possible. Jonathan Blyer and Colin Tanner regularly spend 3 hours of uninterrupted time with a client to dial in every aspect of their fit using the best skill set and tools around.

all photo credit: Laura Wilson

MOOTS: Tell us about your background

ACME Bicycle Co:

Colin is a category 2 road racer and an elite Cyclocross racer. Colin will be racing road in 2017 on Team “To Be Determined”. Jonathan is a former competitive triathlete, he has become more reasonable and now rides his Vamoots DR with local groups whenever possible. ACME’s fit partner is Guru Cycling, ACME not only uses the Guru Dynamic Fit unit they also consult for Guru and teachtheir bike fit education classes with other industry experts.

MOOTS: Tell us about your customers

ACME Bicycle Co.

Triathletes and roadies make up the majority of business, but ACME will also see Commuters, Cyclocross Racers and the occasional Mountain biker. New York City has a unique and thriving cycling community and is home to some of the country’s most popular events…Gran Fond New York, NYC Tri, as well as a racing scene that hosts regular events in Central Park, Prospect Park and other venues around the city. New York cyclists are dedicated, passionate, competitive and gritty. They expect the best.

MOOTS: What drew you to Moots?

ACME Bicycle Co.

Moots consistently exceeds ACME’s client expectations (no small feat when dealing with New Yorkers). Moots’ no-nonsense approach to bike building resonates with ACME’s clients. The cachet, build and ride quality, and longevity of their bikes is unmatched. For ACME, bike fit is always the first priority. Moots not only has numerous stock sizing options, but also the ability for completely custom geometry. This ensures that ACME is always able to prioritize fit and therefore the client experience.