We get the chance to build many special bikes throughout the year.  This one is no exception.  Fueled by a passion of climbing peaks, this Routt RSL will be used for local adventures around the Northeast.

1) Customer – Tell us a little bit about your new bike and what the inspiration was:

“My company is Top-Tier Admissions, so the mountain symbolized reaching the highest peak and providing the highest level of service for our clients. Also, I am a winter hiker/mountaineer and spent five years hiking all 115 high peaks in the Northeast. I was number 82 to have done all the peaks in the winter season, with only a few of those being women.
Though I have not actually climbed the Matterhorn (it is a technical climb), that is the image we picked for Top-Tier. This being said, we actually modeled the design on my bike on the Zuckerhutl (“Sugar Hat”) in Austria. The Zuckerhutl is one of the highest peaks in the Stubai Alps, and I actually climb it.”

Future adventures:  “Luckily I live in beautiful Vermont!  I intend to ride dozens of different challenging routes centered around Weybridge and Middlebury near my home. There are an almost infinite number of beautiful biking roads —among the best in the US!!! My adventures will be local, but that’s the best kind.”

2) Dealer (Fit Werx Vermont) – Tell us how the Routt RSL was the right bike for your customer and what went into finalizing the details:

The Moots Routt RSL performs so well across such a wide range of riding. The bike gives up little when compared to a dedicated narrow tire road bike while providing a lively, supple and stable ride on rougher terrain. It is a gravel capable bike that has a fair amount of race bike genetics and that makes it a really fun and safe choice for a rider like Michele who is going to explore roads of all types, but appreciates a bike that performs and won’t hold her back on the pavement. Moots has also significantly expanded anodization, paint and other finish options in recent years. Aesthetic options and design were important to providing Michele with a one of a kind ride and making it “her bike”.

“How was Moots able to provide you with the perfect bike to meet those needs?”  Based upon years of experience with building custom bikes with Moots, we had no doubt that the fit and ride of Michele’s Routt RSL would be what she wanted. As usual, the workmanship on Michele’s bike is “Top-Tier”, which Michele instantly appreciated when she saw the welds and the details of things like the 3D dropouts. Moots also worked with her and us on the finish, showcasing some of the latest anodization capabilities that we are pleased to be able to offer riders while personalizing details to make sure that the bike was one of a kind and truly hers. The paint on the fork as well as the top tube anodization are particularly nice touches that look great and connect Michele to her new bike. Michele’s Routt RSL turned out really well. It demonstrates what is possible when a bike fitter/retailer, an athlete and a manufacturer are working together to fulfill a dream.