GrassMoots rider Dave Gensch writes in about the ride window……we all know it well……

45 Minutes Of Adverse Admiration

Often, the window allocated for training does not directly correlate to the desired size. The balance of work, family and bike rides sways like a loose slack line poised to pitch you off. The window briefly opened yesterday afternoon so I jumped out of it. On the short climb the temperature dropped in concert with the increasing winds. My labored breathing began to show in the form of vapor and the evening Primroses were freshly fragrant. The top of the climb greeted me with a textured panorama and the stinging sensation from pea sized hail. The descent along the ridge races through sage fields sporting the soft green of a new year and the hail turned to rain. The depth of the foliage and spring flowers became more pronounced as my speed slowed in the softening wet dirt. As each corner passed, the mud on my glasses increased and my contentment shifted to absolute admiration. Admiration of how 45 minutes stretched out in to a journey that lasted infinitely longer than the reality that was accompanied by indecisive spring weather showcasing the beauty around me.