Thad Hoffman AKA j5


Rides a:
2008 Rigormootis Rigid Singlespeed w/sliders – my first moots
2011 MootoX RSL rigid single speed with sliders
2011 Psychlo-X – my favoritest bike ever of ever

Resides in:
Rockvale, TN

Riding and racing:

2015 plans: Continue racing regionally in the Southeast in XC and CX, as well as adventures in gravel, dirt, and long lost places. Also attempting Race Across the West for the first time this June piloting my Moots PX.

2015 Results:
1st Race Across the West (Team MOAB/Specialized 4-person)

“I love the way a well built ti bike rides, I love the shared passion of the Moots crew who build these bikes, and I appreciate all the attention to detail and desire to make something that performs, lasts, and lives up to it’s purpose. I also love that they know what they are good at and stick to it. No carbon bandwagon jumpers here.”

When not riding:
I’m playing in a creek or river with my Catahoula JD, wishing I were riding, or just pedaling around for fun. Bikes play an integral part of my life, whether riding for fitness/goals or just to get around town.

Passionate about:
SORBA-MidTN, Ride for Reading, WalkBikeNashville

Fav ride(s):
Any non-paved road in Hickman County TN or Routt County CO, and I still love mad creek/red dirt trails in Steamboat. I always have great memories of riding there.

Local shop:
MOAB Bike Shop, ask for me.

Fav food/books/movies/music:
Food: Pizza
Books: Three way tie between Parfume – by patrick Suskind, The Alienist – by Caleb Carr, and the third book of the Eragon Trilogy.
Movies: “Say Anything” and “Iron Man 3″.
Music: So many songs that I can’t pick a single one, but “Salisbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel always makes me smile and “All Along the Watch Tower” – Jimi Hendrix never gets old.

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