Tab Tollett

Rides a:
Mooto X YBB singlespeed, Mooto X singlespeed, Vamoots DR

Resides in:
Lookout Mtn, TN

Riding and racing history:
• Jan-March: The Snake Gap Time Trial series. A great excuse to ride in miserable weather with 400 of your closest friends!

• March: The Southern cross 50 miler. Made a Podium appearance!

• April: The Raccoon Mountain Soul Sucker Mt bike race. Missed the podium by one place!  Also the Big Frog 65. Terrible weather and my derailleur hanger snapped at mile 20

• May: The Pisgah 111. A brutal, brutal 70+ miler in the Pisgah of North Carolina. It was brutal but awesome! Single speed race! Very tough….

• July: A 4th place at  the Jerdon Mtn Challenge.  And the Off Road Assault of Mt. Mitchell or affectionately referred to as a ORRAM, on the podium with a 3rd!

• August: Busy with the six-stage Breck Epic. Had a great time in Colorado! Managed a mid pack finish. Not too bad considering the elevation.

• September: Consisted of the Monster Cross race. A 70-mile gravel grinder on the single speed. Awesome time! 

• October: Was the Lookout Mountain Lula Lake 50. An awesome race in beautiful Lookout Mountain, TN

Upcoming goals/race plans:
Looking forward to racing next year on one or all of my Moots!

When not riding:
Being a father, husband and working my tail off.

Why Moots:
“Because they are handmade in the USA baby!”

Local Moots Dealer:
Cartecay River Bike Shop