Nick Stilwell

Rides a:
Mooto X YBB & a YBB

Resides in:
Orange, CA

Riding and racing history:
2015 has been busy with work and family.  All good stuff…I’m still riding as much as I can (5:30 am weekday rides are a great way to kick start the day!).  It was great to participate in several trail building events with our local IMBA group SHARE as well as Non Dot Adventures, another local trail maintenance and cycling event company. Earlier this year I set up my MXYBB with an XTR 1×11 and XTR brakes. I recently sent my YBB in for a refurbish and then re-built it with my XTR 2×10 drivetrain to use as a back up bike.

When not riding:
Working or spending time at home with my wife, our daughter Brittyn, and our son, Griffin.

Why Moots:
“Simple, Reliable & Timeless. I’ve always had an affinity for Moots dating back to when I lived and went to school at Western State in Gunnison.”

Local Moots Dealer:
The Path Bike Shop

Nick’s Blog