Jill Damman

Rides a:
Mooto X RSL and Vamoots CR

Resides in:
Midway, UT

Riding and racing history:
I’m retired from competing and continue to ride whenever and wherever I can. The 2015 season has been another great one for cycling in Utah with awe inspiring scenery, and incredible rides. I had misadventures, such as riding with double vision, vertigo (due to traumatic brain injury, I only see and hear out of one side) and having my husband guide me through technical terrain. It always seems like our season is brief but now it’s evolved to year round cycling with fat bikes or headed to the desert. I have found endless ways to find different routes with my Moots. My Moots are always here for me. 

I was involved in National Trails Day. I volunteered with Mountain Trails Foundation to extend and complete the Stoneridge Trail in the trailside area of Round Valley, Park City, Utah. Then late this summer I took the two-day IMBA Instructor Certification Program course that certifies me to guide rides and perform fundamental skills instruction. I am now an Level 1 Instructor and look forward to sharing these skills. 

When not riding:
I’m hanging out with my husband, backcountry skiing, yoga, gardening and eating good food. In my spare time I work part time at Deer Valley Resort, Yoga in the Park and Paddle Park City, enjoy playing with our dog, and hiking in the Wasatch Mountains.

Why Moots:
“We share the same passion and love of cycling. Then there are the benefits of titanium: plush ride quality and race-winning responsiveness.”

Local Moots Dealer:
Contender Bicycles