Andrew Carney

Rides a:
Mooto X RSL and Mooto X

Resides in:
Dillon, CO

Riding and racing history:
• June: Local Summit County XC races, the Frisco Roundup and the Gold Run Rush. The Gold Run Rush took a bad turn when on the second lap the leaders and I caught up to a gentleman from Dillon who had a heart attack while racing. We all abandoned and did what we could to help as the fire department and ambulance hiked into the scene. In the end he passed away despite receiving excellent care from the start. Rough end to a race.

• June was a busy trail building month with five days working on the construction of a new trail called Wire Patch.

• July: Firecracker 50 – put down my best time which was good enough for a 37th place in a super stacked pro field.

• Trail building in July focused on finishing up a new section of single track outside of Breckenridge that will be part of this years Breck Epic. We also started 2 other new trails and had a Volunteer Outdoor Colorado weekend with around 150 volunteers smashing out new trail construction!

• Colorado Trail Race – Third time competing, second time finishing. Despite a swollen and painful ankle I finished in 5 days, 17 hours and a few minutes (goal was a sub 5 day finish). That race is a monster!  However, all I had to do to my Moots was lube the chain each day!

• August: attempted a Solo ITT of the Mountains Revenge Course. It is a new iteration of the the old Montezuma’s Revenge that is now part of the Colorado Endurance Series. The full course is 225 miles and has never been finished. However about 15 hours in I had a migraine that wouldn’t go away, combine that with night riding lights and it was a bit rough so I called it and went back the next day to ride more. I didn’t quite finish the full course but I did ride quite a few new trails (to me) and discovered some long forgotten about sections of alpine single track.

• August saw three volunteer trail work days adding features to some of our trails and it was cool to see the Breck Epic racers come through a few days on trails we were finishing up. Talk about a long conga line!

• September:  Raced the Stone Temple 8 in Laramie, WY with my girlfriend, came in 2nd. It was super fun racing as a team, something I’ve only ever done once before. Sure is different than racing solo that’s for sure!  

• On the trail building front we had some more volunteer days and managed to finish another section of trail above Breckenridge in Webber Gulch that connects two existing out and back trails. It’s a great connection and already it has seen lots of use. Other than that, the trail crew has been busy on some trail re-routes and improvements adding berms and flow features to several of our trails

• October: Lots of rides including the White Rim in Moab, UT.  No racing unfortunately as nothing worked with my work schedule.

When not riding:
When I’m not riding, I work as a Ski Patroller in the Winters and, build and maintain bike trails and bike parks in the Summer around Summit County. I also enjoy pretty much anything outdoors from rock climbing to hiking and camping.

Why Moots:
“I have been riding and racing bikes since I was 16 in various forms and truly love the craftsmanship that goes into every Moots. It is evident in every weld and miter on every frame. What got me into mountain biking was the desire to go and explore new places deep in the forest and high up on ridge lines. With a Moots underneath me I can go for as long as I want and as fast as I want and be confident that the bike will get me there and back comfortably and in style.”

Local Moots Dealer:
Subculture Cyclery