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When our framesets are mitered with such precision, it sets up our welders to achieve near-perfect beads, for strength, light weight, and a refined aesthetic we take particular pride in. The truth is, welds are what turn some nice tubes into an actual bike. So, we spend quite a bit of time trying to make them perfect. Working with titanium requires a finely tuned blend of art and science. After twenty years fabricating with the magical material, we’ve refined the process to take advantage of all its unique properties without compromise.  Each frame is hand-buffed to remove miter burrs, and then completely cleaned through a special ultrasonic process to remove any foreign contaminants that can impact the integrity of the weld.  From there, each tube gets the white glove treatment, literally, until the weld process is complete, to keep even the slightest bit of oil from coming into contact with the raw tube. Fabricating with titanium requires an Argon gas welding system, which needs an oxygen-free environment to protect the ultimate integrity of the weld.  After two decades working with the technology, we’ve designed and perfected a proprietary oxygen purge system that results in perfect welds every time. Our welders use a multi-step weld process to craft each frame.  It starts when the tubeset is assembled into a jig and each tube is tack-welded into place. Throughout the tack weld process, each tube is carefully measured back to the printed plans to assure the frame comes together to exacting standards. And, voila, a frame is born. It gets a stamped serial number and a birth certificate of sorts that we call a Yellow Card that tracks every person involved in the creation of the bike. The card stays with the frame until it’s packed up in a box to ship to the new owner. Once a frame is tacked into place, it passes to our finish welders, who, with a careful balance of art and craft, do a double-pass weld around each joint, ensuring both maximum strength and final finish. The first 360-degree pass completes the tack-weld. A second 360-degree pass applies a final finish weld using ti fill rod to complete the artful welds for which Moots is known.  This is also the time when any options like pump pegs, extra bottle bosses and other weld-ons get added. During each phase of the weld process, we use proprietary heat-dissipating sinks and welding step sequencing to retain each tube’s ultimate integrity. The end result is a frame as beautiful in form as it is strong and true in function. Lots of folks talk about our beautiful welds. We just think it’s the proper way to build a great, lifetime frame.

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