Name: Ned Kajko (Spedly, deadly Nedly)

Position: Welding Monkey

Time at Moots: 3 years, 1 month, 10 days and counting…


I grew up in the Denver “burbs” with my parents & older sister.  My first bike was a hand-me down from my sister, but MY first was a red Murray.  Since then I’ve had nearly 20 bikes of various types including my current Moots Psychlo X that was the first frame I welded for myself.  I started welding in High School through a vocational program.  It started as wanting to weld bike frames but I ended up really liking welding itself and pursed it to college where I got an Associate’s degree in welding from Ains Community  College in Greeley.  From there I moved to Steamboat and after much harassing I got a job at Moots.

Outside of bikes & welding, snowboarding and camping are my favorite things to do.  I’m also a pretty big motor head and like watching sports car races and F1.

A perfect day would consist of riding downhill all day followed by an epic dirt jump & pump track session, all ending at the Double Z for tons of food & beer.

As far as music goes I’ve always been a Beastie Boys fan and find myself looking for more & more undergroudish hip-hop….I’m also stoked on Wolfmother, it’s just straight up rock.


As a Moots welder the bar is set pretty high, and I like that.  I feel that welding is when you go from just a collection of tubes to a bike.  Laying beads on a frame is almost meditative.  Making the welds look as if they’re a continuous string of little puddles from start to finish…the feeling of satisfaction when you seamlessly blend one tube to the next is what it’s all about for me.

Words about Ned from Amy:

“Young Ned is growing into a fine gentleman!” When he started at Moots a few years ago, he was kind of an awkward little bird and many of us weren’t so sure what to make of him.  But after watching him bumble through his late teens & early twenties, we wouldn’t trade him for any other Ned.  He’s an endless source of entertainment, he’s constantly crashing, joking and smiling (often at the same time).  And just when you begin to think of him as silly and carefree, he pops into the middle of a debate with some political fact of bit of wisdom that makes everyone stop to think.

Ned does an awesome job with the kids on the Steamboat Gravity Team and seems to take to his responsibility with a combination of genuine concern and good-hearted fun.  This approach appears to be the way Ned maneuvers through life.  When he is around, we never lack a tall person to reach the top shelf, a caring ear or witty comment to make us laugh.

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