Name: Matty Pronovost

Position: Welder….melter of metal

Time at Moots: 3+ years

Matty writes about himself:

“Growing up we would find bikes at garage sales or ones that were being thrown away.  We would paint them and fix them up.  My first real bike was a trash find that my dad painted red with white pin stripes.

I have the best family and some great friends that tolerate me…….. Other than riding bikes I’m pretty boring, I guess lots of people think bikes are pretty boring too.  I’m not the most social person and have been known as a “fun sponge” from time to time.”

Words about Matty p via Jon C…..

I’ve only know Matty P for the time he’s been here at Moots….From working around him and traveling with him I can tell you he doesn’t stand for short cuts or bullshit.  Do it the right way or don’t do it at all….pretty sums up Matty P.  I’ve met his family in Connecticut only briefly and have to say they are great people and have instilled in Matty a very strong work ethic.  He’s very easy to travel with and seems we always have a good time when doing so together.   He’s also one of the nicest people on earth….do anything for you, through thick and thin.  He’s almost too nice.  A couple years ago he started racing cross….it’s a tuff contact event…no room for being too polite.  After the first couple of races I told him he’s gotta get mad.  I told him I was going to punch him in the mouth before the start of his races to make him mad …..From that point on, he starting moving through the ranks of the 3’s and is now finding his way with the Open fast guys. I think he’s hooked on cross now.

Believe me when I say…..this is the guy you want welding your frame….skilled, dedicated….no bullshitting.

Come to find out bike building is in Matty P’s blood.  In the family tree long ago there was also another Pronovost that built bikes…..it’s genetic.

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